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OK, It’s Officially Pouring!

OMG! We have seventeen – that’s 17 – you know, a one followed by a seven — dogs in the house right now. Five new ones are puppy mill dogs, three with serious emotional issues and others with health issues (including one with a paw that looks like it was savaged by another dog). And one is a Very Large Collie named Strider. That’s the bad news.

The good news is two-fold. First, our very own Julene Mathews just arrived at the house to take the Collie to her place for fostering until we can find a better foster home for him. He’s sweet, reasonably well behaved (considering that he, too, has been a puppy mill dog!), but not terribly well trained. Did I mention that he’s big?

Second, one of the remaining 16 is Sarge, who has been adopted by Rick and Fientje (Fientje is the artist behind those super greeting cards on our webstore). He’s just here for two days of puppy-sitting (or, as we like to put it, Camp Sheltie) and will go home Monday evening. He’s a joy to have around, too!

But that still leaves 15, five of whom are puppy mill dogs with various problems. And one of those little girls, nominally house-trained, has not figured out how to tell us that she need to go do out to pee. Either that or she’s decided that a nice warm carpet beats 6″ of snow and ice any day :(

We are in desperate need of good foster homes!

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