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The Pain of Another Loss…

Last weekend, we became the rescuers and fosters of five puppy mill dogs! I’ll blog about that whole deal separately, but this post addresses the almost-instant sadness that derived from one of these rescues.

A small tri-color (almost bi-black, but she had small amounts of sable around her muzzle) Sheltie girl came to us in obviously bad condition. Bit O’ Honey was, we were told, her name, and she really seemed to like it when we called her “Honey” and “Honey Bunny”. She was incredibly sweet, but also incredibly frail. She went almost directly to see our vets, who found plenty of things to worry us, the most important probably being that her bloodwork was “through the roof” (the vet’s words) and that she was in kidney failure. Oh, did I mention that she was 13 years old and had been with the “family” for whom she was a puppy factory her entire life? (Obviously, she was no longer popping out puppies and she was going to get really expensive, so her “people”– and I use the term very loosely — dumped her!)

We’ve dealt with kidney failure more than once before, and it’s never fun. In Honey’s case, our vet thought there was a possibility that Honey had stomach ulcers that can sometimes cause bloodwork that resembles (in some ways) kidney problems and that exacerbate any existing kidney disease. (If I got this wrong, I hope that Barbara will straighten it out!) So she was sent home with meds…lots of meds.

Unfortunately, try as we would, over the course of a week, I don’t think that Honey ate a grand total of two cups of everything added together. The only thing that she ate in substantial quantity was Rice Krispies with a little milk on them and later dry Rice Krispies. And she probably didn’t manage to get much more than a cup of those down in the course of the week. The poor girl was obviously very hungry; she was always looking up at us with that pleading look of a dog who really wants something to eat, but nothing that we offered her was interesting. And, trust me on this, we offered her a variety that would put some Chinese restaurants to shame. And, to make matters just all the worse for Honey, she couldn’t keep down her meds (not even the Sucralfate that was supposed to help her ulcers to heal) or even much water!
On Saturday, we began to debate whether the end of her life was in sight. On Sunday, we were certain. And yesterday, Monday, afternoon, we took her to her last vet appointment. She was in good spirits, which would normally make us agonize about whether we were making the right decision. But we knew that she was slowly starving and staying very dehydrated (subcutaneous fluids notwithstanding) and that only a miracle could make it better. And miracles are hard to come by some days.

Honey, like every other Sheltie, Collie, Corgi, and cat we’ve had with us until their lives’ ends, crossed to the Rainbow Bridge held in loving arms while we whispered into her ear what a good girl she is and how beautiful she is and how much we love her.

Watch for her story on Sheltie Rescue of Utah’s commemoration page.

Honey, if you’re reading this, know that we fell completely in love with you, even though you were with us only a few days. And we’ll keep on loving you. Say hello to all of our gang up there at the bridge…

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1 comment to The Pain of Another Loss…

  • MandaBear

    It is a relief to know that she was at least shown some love before she left this world. Now she is at Rainbow Bridge sharing stories with the others of how wonderful she was treated and how loved she felt for the time she was with you guys.

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