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Sleep Gently Sweet Polly


We miss you more than there are words to describe. I needed you to be in your crate at meal time to bark at me to remind me that I hadn’t given you your breakfast or dinner yet.  I need you to be on the ottoman next to the bed each night.  I need to see that look on your face when you settle down on the ottoman knowing that it’s your place to sleep and yours alone.  Thank you for all those sweet kisses you gave us when you couldn’t even tell up from down.  Your trust means so much.  Your absence is so hard…I can’t really think about it too much.  You make me hope with all my heart that there is a bridge and that you’ll be there.

On this day..

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4 comments to Sleep Gently Sweet Polly

  • ML

    Sweet Polly, I’m so glad I got to meet you.

  • MandaBear

    My little Polly Pocket is gone? What happened?

  • Oh, Amanda, I wish that you could have seen her one more time. In just a couple of days, Polly went from alert and happy to very ill. Barbara will have more information (you can call any time you want, as you well know!), but most of all it was just her system had worn out and was shutting down.

    For weeks, I’d been noticing something…couldn’t articulate what exactly, but something. I just felt that her time with us was drawing to an end. Finally, she started being unable to keep anything down — medications, food, water — and we had to take her to the ER.

    What Barbara and I hated the most, but we know that there was nothing else that we could have done, was that Polly’s last two days were spent at the vet ER, which she really hated. But she was so miserable and uncomfortable without the intravenous pain killers and antibiotics that it would have been more unbearable for her to be at home.

    I can’t believe how much I miss her. She was such an important part of our lives ever since she was rescued from the streets down in (near?) Provo. As you know, she was the sweetest little girl, but very opinionated and not afraid to let us know when she was displeased about something. How are we going to run a well-ordered house without Polly telling us what needs doing and when?

  • as, your heart is aching so is mine. Had, to put Nell to sleep Nov. 08 08 and I have cried daily. The, hurt is so deep without her that it is hard to go on alone Priscilla

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