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On a slightly happier note…

I thought it might be fun to show everybody a video that we took late in 2007 – of Tommy (our blind and deaf white Sheltie) and Jackson (a Corgi we rescued) playing. They played very nicely with each other, and Jackson figured out how to play with Tommy so he didn’t get scared or upset. It was great watching these two guys play.

Unfortunately, you need to have the right software (big surprise, eh?) integrated with your web browser. I’ve tried to make this as generic as possible (.avi file, playable by Windows Media Player). If you don’t have the right stuff installed, you’ll get a prompt saying so and offering to download and install it. You’ll almost certainly have to exit your browser and restart it, but that’s not too awful.

Once that’s all in place, you can watch the video if you click here: Playing With Tommy (A Short Video)

On this day..

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