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Introducing the team of Alex and Missy!


We have the most precious pair of kids here…and among them are Alex and Missy.  Alex is an 11 year old Sheltie-boy who comes with Missy, his companion of 11 years who’s a female Miniature Schnauzer.  Alex was her ticket into SRU.  They are a real team after eleven years of companionship and we want to keep them together.  Missy sleeps on the bed, under the covers, and likes to be cuddled right up against you.  On cold days I’ve put a little coat on her.  It seemed to me to keep her toastier which is what I thought she liked.  But I’ve never seen any dog get out of a sweater like she does!  So…I’ve stop putting the coat on her.  I hope she’s warm enough outside on the snowy days we’ve had lately.  I guess I think she’s chilled because she wants to do her thing outside and get back inside pretty quickly.  Anyone familiar with Miniature Schnauzers who can give me some insight on this…it would be most appreciated!


Doesn’t Alex have a beautiful face?  We think so!


It didn’t take Alex and Missy long to discover that couches are for people and dogs in this house.  Alex enjoys being up on the couch though being 11 means that he has to work a bit to get himself up there.  He’s actually quite nimble.  Missy is more vocal than Alex and seems to take the lead in many activities.


Alex uses an ottoman that stands right next to our bed as a step to help him easily get up onto the bed.  The bed is a waterbed that’s heated which I think both Missy and Alex find enjoyable and soothing.


If Barbara is inside and the photographer, Fientje Allis, is outside trying to get some outdoor shots of the dogs, Missy wants to be inside.  We finally settled on bringing all the dogs inside and did our photos inside the house.


This photo really shows how blue Missy’s eyes are.  I just can’t get over the feeling that we have a Scotswoman in the house!


In the last 2 days Alex has started this very loud barking when he’s done eating.  The first time I thought…well…maybe he really needs to go potty now that he’s eaten.  So I hurried and picked up his bowl and let him outside.  He didn’t seem to be so urgent though so I think I was wrong about this.  Tonight, when he started that barking I just continued preparing the dinner bowls of the other dogs.  Alex stopped barking after just a few minutes.  That was great!  I think he may want to let me know he’s done…and that’s fine…but then he can quiet down and rest until all the dogs are ready to go outside and I’m ready too.

On this day..

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