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The 2008 ASSA National, or How To Go Crazy In One Easy Step

Readers will note that I have gotten progressively less responsible as the weeks drag on. Meaning, of course, that I haven’t blogged in something like two weeks. I need to be fed plain kibble for a week, or something similarly punitive.

I really do have good excuses though, although the dog did not eat my homework (this time). My day job has been miserable lately, with several major projects all coming due in a short span. For example, I was in the California Bay Area all of last week chairing technical meetings. Today and tomorrow, I’m in Québec at technical meetings of a different standards group. I’ve been working on three technical papers that I have to give at three technical conferences soon (Dublin in early May, Vancouver in early June, and New York in mid-June). I have two-week technical meeting in Austsralia for the last half of May (and I’m going scuba diving out in the Coral Sea 200 miles off NE Australia for the week immediately preceding that meeting).

And, of course, we’re preparing for the 2008 ASSA National specialty show, which has for several years been our single largest fund-raising event of the year. Barbara’s been busy day and night buying supplies (e.g., towels, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) to be embroidered for the show. And she’s been working with Cheryl Andersen, our artist, to get the designs fine-tuned in preparation for  embroidering and with the embroiderers (BlackSpool) to get the work completed in time. I’ve been busy working with other rescue groups to get their inventories finalized, their barcode tags printed and shipped, and all of their information into our cash register so the sales can go quickly and smoothly.

Hey, it’s only April and I’m already tired!

And, of course, Sheltie Rescue work never slows down. In the last few weeks, we’ve taken in at least a half-dozen dogs, maybe more, placed a couple, gotten a couple more out for fostering, dealt with two deaths and several surgeries, got one dog back from an adoption that didn’t work out as hoped, had about three cycles of all of the dogs getting diarrhea (one at a time, of course) then passing it on to the next one, yadda, yadda, yadda.

It’s no wonder I’m a nut case. And Barbara’s got it just as bad…it’s just that going crazy is a longer trip for her than for me :)

On this day..

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