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Leavin’ on a Jet Plane…

It was tough to walk out of the house this morning at 6:30. I’m sitting in San Francisco International Airport’s international terminal, in the United Airlines Red Carpet Club, writing this post. As we almost always do when Barbara takes me to the airport, we brought Star and Sly along for the ride. They’re our dogs, not up for adoption or in hospice case, and that’s a privilege that they get that the others don’t.

But it was hard to leave Chewy (whose name, it occurred to me yesterday, might really be “Chuy”, which is pronounced the same…but with a Mexican accent :) ), whose right rear foot is still not fully healed, and cute old Alex with his slightly domed head and the look of a Wolf Eel, and Misty, and Missy, and Simone, and Sienna, and Jet, and especially Tommy, who has become much closer to me after his trip to the National with us.

The really hard part, for me especially, is that I’m going to be gone for about four weeks! I’m already missing them a lot (and missing Barbara even more), and they’re probably going to start wondering if I’m gone forever :(   But I know they’ll be very happy to see me on May 31 when I return home for a few days.

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