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About a week ago, this woman called Julene (one of SRU’s board members) about a Sheltie that she wanted to relinquish. Turns out that this woman’s mother really owned the Sheltie, whose name is Ginger, but had become unable to care for her. From the information we got, it would seem that the owner had become unable to care for Ginger some months earlier, but couldn’t bring herself to let her Sheltie go. The woman lived in an apartment or house where there was no fenced yard, and she couldn’t take Ginger for walks. Consequently, Ginger was let outside with the hope that she’d come back when she was done.

Well, that was a futile hope, because Ginger had gone deaf and substantially blind. As a result, she couldn’t hear her mom calling her back in and couldn’t find her way back. So she often wandered off, and the woman would have to go out in her wheelchair to find Ginger. Finally, the woman (the daughter) who called Julene realized that Ginger couldn’t stay with her mom, because she was going to get terminally lost, run over, or something equally bad. The daughter tried to keep Ginger herself, but she already had five large dogs and Ginger was very frightened of them. So Sheltie Rescue was contacted.

Ginger is a very, very sweet little girl, but she is not accustomed to her physical impairments. Being deaf doesn’t appear to bother her, but being blind really does. I’m guess that she went blind fairly abruptly and fairly recently. She will do some exploring in our house, but is not at all adventurous about it like Tommy is. She responds relatively happily to gentle touching, kisses, pats, etc., but she startles very easily and gets frightened when she’s awakened or touched unexpectedly.

She apparently came to us somewhat dehydrated and she must not have been drinking as much as we thought, because she soon showed symptoms consistent with kidney problems. After a couple of days and nights at the vet’s, though, with constant I.V. fluids, her blood work returned to (nearly) normal. She still shows signs of some kidney and/or pancreatic deficiency, but we’re hoping that’s symptomatic of a kidney infection that we’re treating with antibiotics.  But we continue to worry that she’s not eating much and might not be drinking enough.

Keep your fingers crossed for Ginger and think healing thoughts!

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2 comments to Ginger

  • I can’t help but be grateful that people like you exist. Taking care of these poor animals that have nowhere else to go. You really are a loving person. Thanks.

  • Animals like dogs bring more joy to our lives especially for those that are lonely.
    I really feel so sorry for Ginger. And Yes I will keep my fingers crossed for her. Thanks to people like you. She will be ok.
    I really admire people like you!

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