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Take a short breather

I must humbly apologize for the lack of contribution to the blog. Spring has sprung and between spring grooming and yard, critter care, I don’t have time to do anything it seems! This is a breather moment for me and really just a big excuse/avoidance in regards to a rather messy house. Like I’m the only one on the planet doing that!

Raffle at equestrian centerSpider and friendBarbara and Kevin working hardStripeWhat I reallywant to talk about is the fundraiser at the Equestrian Center during five very full day’s of AKC shows! OH my HECK, that was fun. Now make no mistake, it was a huge amount of work for so many people who so generously contributed with their time, energy, and…everything! Including supporting the raffle. If ever you want to be part of something that is totally positive, join us in rescue. Everything is from the heart and helps those sheltie darlings. This years Sheltie Rescue Booth was so much positive energy, we drew people to us! When you entered the space the rescue booth was in on the upper deck of the Equestrian Center where the dog shows were being held, you could feel the energy! It was palpable. You couldn’t help but want to be a part of it and people were so drawn to that kind of positive energy. How great is that??

I guess it would be nice to describe for those who were so unlucky to have missed the affair what was going on. We had asked for a sizable space due to a triple threat we had built. Wanna know what it was? Cindy Wilkinson and her daughter Shanna put together a dynamite raffle (prizes for monetary donations) that was pretty spread around. We had products from all over the country and for every breed. Make no mistake, there were great sheltie things as well, but, stuff for everyone! Each item had it’s own sack so you put tickets in the items you were interested in! (Yea, I won the grooming table I so desperately needed) Jumps, crates, baskets, posters, Xpens, leashes, treats, you name it! This alone took up more than its space which was a 12 ft square canopy stacked floor to ceiling. It was well organized and beautiful. Every donor was recognized at the front of the booth. How could we not? We had so many wonderful things to offer which was really well received.

Next to that, Barbara organized a space with products to sell like our unique towels with this years SRU embroidered artwork and sweatshirts with Cheryl Sorensons absolutely darling designs. You’ll have to go to the sheltie rescue mall to get some for yourself, they are so cute and is artwork we have not seen before. It was unveiled at this years nationals in Greeley Colorado. We also had some new products fresh to us like some teeth care products by Pet Life. I’m busy trying it out and so far I’m very impressed. My Gils bad breath is history and his tarter is diminishing with very limited use. I’ll let you know but so far so good! We had some XO cleaner to sell, which if you have not tried it, you are so missing out! Its a great product and really honestly works! We also had some hats and doggie hats, a small variety of doggie things to sell, but the big thing was out microchip clinic! It’s always been well received and this year was no exception. I don’t want to forget the special and beautiful sheltie photographic artwork as well that beautifully displayed some of our rescues and some great little shelties. I don’t want to spell the artists name wrong, I’ve been blessed to be introduced to her recently. I’m very bad with names so I don’t want to say her name but it sounds like “Fiencha”. She’s very talented. She has made some lovely cards (hand made!) so check them out on our rescuemall website.dsc00598.JPG

The most fun part of the whole deal for me was our miniature horse “Spider”! The strategy was to bring the mini with permission of course for the purpose of drawing people to the booth so they would buy products, check us out, and purchase raffle tickets. It was a good strategy! I was sure that Spider was fine with all kinds of dogs, but I wasn’t too sure how happy he’d be with being in the pen all day. I was just a little worried he might make noise (whinnies, and calling other horses around) and be a distraction. We had planned for an alternate spot in a stall in the barn that was used for grooming just in case. As it happened, he was noisy in the stall and good in the pen with everyone around to keep him entertained. He had so much attention that by the third day, he ran out to the trailer and loaded himself in the morning! We enjoyed lots of attention on the booth and Spider was fine. Naturally, people would ask questions like “What kind of a dog is that?” but, I was ready with an answer. “He’s a Russian Bear Dog, rushin’ around the corner to bear down on a bisquit” and “Is he in the raffle?” to which Kevin (my husband) would answer “Yea, a thousand dollars a ticket” (with me behind him shaking my head “no”). The other popular question was “How come you have a horse here?” That gave me the opportunity to say “To get people up here to the booth and buy raffle tickets! It worked…You’re here aren’t you?” He was a hit really and although he did get a bit lippy and grabby with his mouth due to lots of hands at his head all the time, he was a pretty good little man. He shimmied his behind for butt scratches, and He kept everyone entertained even when he was asleep. He’d lay down and his eye’s would go into rem stage sleep pattern, his feet would twitch, and his tail would flick, his lips would be moving like he was talking in his sleep. It was really funny and who would think horses dream? They do! I think though the most fun for me was the photographer who was The Winning Image (Sande and Tom Weigand) out of Bernville, PA. They loved Spider and offered to donate a portrait to the raffle if they could take Spiders portrait photo. How could I refuse that? I had shaved him up and he was clean and beautiful. How many opportunities would I have for that. What absolutely magical and beautiful photo’s. I was stunned at the beauty they were able to capture in our Spidey Man. How great is that? Spider makes new friends

I must say, all around, it was a wonderful week and so much fun for me. We had actual volunteers come to help us run the booth, sell raffle tickets and help with the microchip clinic. Everyone helped keep food in everyone else. We made new friends, met tons of people willing and wanting to help with a great cause, experienced a totally positive week. We sheltie people know how to make an impact and we left a positive mark on the world of show canines to be sure. We need to congratulate ourselves on a successful and positive week! Congratulations SRU! And big big thanks everyone for your generous support of rescue!

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