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Down (under) and out

Greetings from Sydney, Australia! in a previous post, I said that I was in Dublin, Ireland, and was on my way to Australia to scuba dive and then for two weeks of technical meetings. Well, I returned safe and sound from diving – which, by the way, was absolutely incredible! We spent about half of the week on the Great Barrier Reef and about half of it nearly 200 miles out into the Coral Sea. Just fantastic diving, superb wildlife, and great crew and divers… I saw hammerhead sharks in the wild for the first time (about 12 to 15 swimming in formation about 20′ away from me), saw a sea hare for the first time (actually, a mating pair), and got up close and reasonably personal with a cuttlefish. This is the first major dive trip I’ve been on without Barbara since she first got certified, and it was sort of unnerving to show up at the dive boat without my best half! But it all came off superb.

Now, I’m in Sydney and my meetings start tomorrow morning. I haven’t been outside yet today and it’s after 9:00 in the morning, but I’ll go out to Starbucks in a few minutes and start waking up :) Don’t know what I’ll do today, but I’ll probably try to look up some of my colleagues and see if they want to go play somewhere (e.g., Manly Beach, King’s Cross, or some other interesting neighborhood). Sydney’s a great town. (Many of the people on the dive boat – the Undersea Explorer, since you asked – are Sydney-siders, so I might try to get together with some of them next weekend for a drink or something.)

I really, really miss Barbara, and wish that she could have come with me. We both love Sydney and have a great time here, not to mention the dive trip itself. But I also miss my furkids, who couldn’t have come even if we were super-wealthy (quarantine, you know). Barbara told me last night that Jazzie’s found her new home…at least it looks to be permanent. And I keep thinking about poor little Ginger, who Barbara said still needs to be carried around a lot. I wonder how Chewy’s foot is doing, and whether that lump on Sly’s left shoulder is continuing to get bigger (the vets keep on checking it and saying that it’s not a problem, but…), and how Misty’s back is doing, and whether Alex misses me, and just how much Missy complains when she’s not getting enough attention, and whether Star is feeling left out of things, and how the two “Missouri girls” are doing, and if Zen-cat keeps slipping out into the back yard, and…

Sigh…my travel will ease up at the end of June for a little while, which will really be nice. Maybe I’ll get to take Duke on a hike – he’d love that, and so would I.

On this day..

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