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Recent fundraising activities

If you’ve read the last few postings in this blog, you’ll know that one of the major consumers of my time, and Barbara’s, was the 2008 ASSA National that happened just a couple of weeks ago. We’ve finished doing the numbers from that event and are not unhappy…not a bit. National Sheltie rescue made about $5600 after all expenses, and Sheltie Rescue of Utah made about $4400, which certainly helps a bunch.

In addition, SRU had a booth at the even more recent UVKC cluster in South Jordan, UT, where Barbara says we made around $3000. Much of that was due to the absolutely incredible raffle that was put together by our very own Cindy Wilkinson and her daughter Shanna. Another huge chunk came from the microchip clinic that Barbara held. She trained several more people in the fine art of injecting a microchip into a dog, so we can be even more efficient next time!

Needless to say, the income is desperately needed, as our vet bill right now stands at something over $10,000 and the credit card we use to pay it off is over $10,000, too.

On this day..

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