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Bella and Apache

I finally downloaded photos from my camera so I can now show pictures in this post.  Sorry it’s taken me so long, like most people I snap away with my digital camera never to really look at the photos for several months or years.  I did discover some happy dogs when I did finally look at what I had shot.

Attached are a few photos of my Tri-colored Sheltie Bella meeting and playing with my friend Fientje’s dog Apache a Blue Merle.  [photopress:Apache___Bella1.jpg,thumb,pp_image]Apache is a rescue from Sheltie Rescue of Utah.  You might have heard Fientje’s name mentioned in a few of the blogs.  She is the one who makes the custom greeting cards and has the absolutely stunning photos of her dogs in the Sheltie Rescue Mall – go there and check it out, better yet buy these cards they’re beautiful!  At any rate I took Bella to Fientje’s house to play and then they came to our house to play.  All I can say is Bella absolutely loves Apache.  I’ve never seen a dog adore another dog before, but she just looked up to him as though he was some kind of movie star super hero or something.  When they get together Bella just has to be near Apache, she follows him around like an adoring teenage fan.  Its is so funny.  She acts like his groupie.  Unfortunately in one of the photos you can’t really tell that she is giving him kisses, but she is.  [photopress:Apache___Bella2.jpg,thumb,pp_image]

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2 comments to Bella and Apache

  • How adorable! It’s obvious that Apache benefits from the relationship with Bella, too. Fientje has done wonders with Apache. He was so timid and scared when we got him, and all of our efforts only pulled him a little bit higher. (I hated that he remained, and remains, kinda scared of me, ’cause I really think he’s got a superb personality…and he’s absolutely gorgeous, too.)


  • they are just too adorable :) it is obvious that you take very good care of them, they have a great coat and look very nice :)

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