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Bella and the Boys

I don’t have a photo of this event, but everyone tells me to post the story of how Apache’s brother Sarge also from Sheltie Rescue of Utah, herded Bella back to us when she ran away. To start, I had a bad experience when Bella was a puppy getting off leash. I had literally only had her for two weeks when I was walking her several blocks from our home when she wriggled out of the harness and took off. To my horror I just saw her take off running away from me. I tried calling her and ran after her which only made her run faster away from me. Luckily, Thank G_D! she ended up running back home and was waiting for me at the back gate. Since that horrifying experience I NEVER, EVER walk Bella without a leash outside of a fence yard. I swore I would velcro her next to me if I could. Well we were at Fientje’s cabin in the mountains, when Fientje convinced me to walk Bella off leash like her dogs. I protested and said “oh no, there is now way I’m letting this dog off leash in the mountians for crying out loud”. “Oh she’ll be okay she can’t go any where the snow is too deep, she can’t get away”, Fientje said. I very, very reluctantly took Bella off leash and we started our walk with the three dogs, Bella, Apache and his brother Sarge a sable colored Sheltie. (Here is a photo, of all three with Fientje but Sarge is hiding behind Bella). [photopress:Bella__Apache___Sarge.jpg,thumb,pp_image]She started out okay as she just clung to her hero Apache. Well Apache got distracted and wasn’t watching Bella who also lost track of Apache and she started to take off, and I mean take off running full steam (those who have Shelties know how fast these dog can run). I screamed Fientje she’s taking off!” Fientje calmly said “Sarge go get Bella”. Well Sarge who is quite a bit bigger than Bella and is also the master herder takes off after Bella, blocks her, gets in her face barks directly at her as if to say “get back there, your Mama’s calling you!” and then proceeds to herd her back to me. From that point forward he would not let her get more than 20 feet away from me. If Bella was getting too far ahead he would herd her back to me. Then, Bella got the message that she shouldn’t get too far from me. She then would walk a few feet but got into the habit of looking back and checking to see if I was close if I wasn’t she would come back to me. Thank you Sarge! I still won’t walk Bella off leash unless Sarge and Apache are there, but I’m greatful that Sarge brought my baby girl back to me. These guys are good at herding more than just sheep.

On this day..

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1 comment to Bella and the Boys

  • What a wonderful story, Sarah! I really loved Sarge and seriously considered adopting him as one of our personal dogs, but we’re always so full and he wouldn’t have gotten the attention that he deserves. He’s very intuitive, smart as the dickens, very affectionate, and wants to help. He’s just great.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us!

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