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Still Missing Indy

Drat! I can’t believe that neither I nor anybody else has written anything in this blog in almost a month. At least I have an excuse. (Don’t I always?) As usual, I’ve been traveling. In fact, I’m writing this entry whilst sitting in a meeting room in Edinburgh (yes, Scotland).

I can’t believe how much I still miss Indy after all these months. Every now and then, I just miss him so badly that I find my eyes leaking profusely :( I made a really serious mistake by allowing him to be adopted by somebody else. I really believed at the time that it was the right thing to do, both for him and for our household. But he and I had such an incredible bond – the look of astonishment, of betrayal, on his face as his new family drove away with him haunts me daily.

It was so great to have him in my life. He slept up against me almost every night, and he always waked me up with kisses. He was so happy to see me when I returned from a trip, even if the trip was only to the grocery store! And he would chastise me for leaving him at home! Indy was debarked, but he didn’t care a bit…he would barkbarkbark to let me know of his displeasure that I didn’t take him with me.

Right now, we have another very nice boy that we’re fostering. His name is Duke. He’s a really sweet guy, but he’s not anything like Indy. He’s obsessed with having a ball or something else thrown for him, which isn’t really the same thing as being madly in love with me (as Indy was). But I’m reluctant to let him be adopted “just in case” he’s the right dog for me. But in reality I know that Indy was and Duke would be, at best, second place. Is that fair to him? To me?

I’d give just about anything if Indy could come back to me.

On this day..

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