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Seven Signs that your Sheltie is in Charge

I got the following from about three different sources and thought I’d share it with all of you.

SEVEN SIGNS That Your Sheltie Is In Charge

7. You bought a custom-made “Extra Long” bed, so that the DOG could have more leg room!

6. You never forget to kiss your dog before you leave the house, however, the same cannot be said of your disgruntled spouse or significant other.

5. You introduce yourself to every dog you meet as “(Your dog’s name)’s mommy/daddy. “

4. You let your dog have canine guests over; in fact, you insist that he socialize.

3. Your dog’s wardrobe is as large as yours!

2. You tell your dog the secrets you wouldn’t dare tell your spouse.

And the SUREST SIGN that your dog is in charge…

1. You watch TV sitting on the floor, so that the dog can sit on the couch behind you & rest his chin on your shoulder for a good view.

On this day..

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