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“7 month old Sheltie Free to Good Home”

So one of our volunteers sees this ad on a local, free, online classified section and, as one of our great volunteers, she dutifully calls the owner of this Sheltie. “Yes!” says the owner, “we will turn our Sheltie over to Sheltie Rescue. Can we bring him to you today?” So as one of our great volunteers, Amanda rearranges her schedule so the owner can bring this puppy to her and she, in turn, can bring it to me. It’s a coup!  Here’s an unneutered male Sheltie who’s never even had a single parvo shot in his life that we’re going to get before he’s used for breeding and before his life becomes even more neglected.

Saturday night at 9:30pm, Amanda arrives with the 7 month old Sheltie.  Here’s what he looks like…


On this day..

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11 comments to “7 month old Sheltie Free to Good Home”

  • C Perfetto

    Please, we will give the 7 month old Sheltie puppy free to a good home, a wonderful loving home and our family has had shelties since 1987. My phone number is 678-427-3435.

  • cynthia bueno

    what is the number i should call
    my number is 9513853590
    where is this

  • I’m sorry if this response seems rude, but I think you’re missing several points. First, it’s trivial to learn that this blog belongs to Sheltie Rescue of Utah, which is a pretty good hint that it’s in Utah. Second, this puppy was available about a year ago, and it’s unlikely that a puppy would still be available after this much time. Third, the puppy in the photograph is quite obviously not a Sheltie at all!

    And, finally, it is not we who were offering the puppy free to a good home — we rescued the puppy from the person who was offering it free on the local classified ad site. This suggest that you read nothing but the headline, skipping the content of the post entirely.

    Sorry we can’t help you!

  • Instant Cash

    I don’t understand why people neglect dogs. I am glad there are people that do rescues. I someday woud love to have a resuce and give animal a second chance.

  • Ted Bortel

    My wife and I lost our desr sheltie,Sasha due to her age,13 years and have been missing her presence since then. We got her from a sheltie rescue in Dallas and very much would like to get another if at all possible. We have a few grandchildren occasionally but normally the house is quiet, just the way Sasha, our sheltie liked it. We have an enclosed,fenced, yard but also have a cleared,acreage lot behind our property for hearty running and walks in the neighborhood.Our doggie would not suffer from lack of love or attention.I think he would be most content sharing his life with us as we would be with him. Please tell me his name. Thank you kindly for considering our request to adopt
    Sincerely, Ted Bortel

  • Ted, as you can see by looking at the date of the original post, this *non-Sheltie* puppy was discussed nearly two years ago.

    However, if you’re truly interested in adopting a rescued Sheltie, we suggest that you go to our adoption website,, click on the link in the left sidebar that says “Online forms”, and fill out our 3-part adoption application. After you do that, our adoption coordinator will be in touch with you to do a phone screen.


  • First, yes my name really is Travis (not just a shameless plug). Yes I realize this is an old thread and I did read the entire post. Just wanted to say that I hope the Sheltie has worked out and for anyone looking for a sheltie (or any breed for that metter), you should always look first at adopting a rescued dog first. Just my opinion, but I do think it makes a lot of sense for all involved.

  • I love Shelties. Always had one growing up. This post has got me thinking about getting another one…thnx

  • Smartest dogs in the world. I love Shelties. I hope he finds a good home


  • Kelly, if you’re serious about wanting a Sheltie, please visit our adoption website at and fill out our adoption application. Once we’ve read your application, we’ll contact you. Thanks.

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