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I’m Still Cute!

Hi All,

Just had to share a couple glamor girl photos of our Jackie.Everyone who has known her since we got her says how much more confident she’s become and we agree.


As I expected, she’s very intelligent and obedient and a wonderful companion.  She’s on her stool beside me as I email.  My little shadow.  She’s still a licker and still hates the noise the thermostat makes when the AC or heat go off or on, but we’ve learned to live with the results which is all of our throw rugs being tossed topsy turvey.  Part of her charm. Agility classes are going well, but too bad she doesn’t have a younger partner.  We’ve had 6 lessons so far and she loves it.  Wes set up some weave poles yesterday in our yard so we can practice.

She balked at the A-frame for a couple weeks now trots right up and over.  Tunnel is still scary so hope to get one for the back yard. She is the smallest in the class of six dogs (all herding dogs)  four of which come from either our local Humane Society or rescues like Jackie.  We have two silly sister Labradoodles about 1 years old and they are a hoot.  Before the class finishes will get some photos of her performing.  Thanks again for allowing us to adopt her.

Sis Chloe is doing well also and keeps busy monitoring the family of ground squirrels in our back forty.  Zubrin has worked miracles on her arthritis and upping her thyroid also has taken off some weight. So she’s pretty spry for her 8 years.  Haven’t subjected the agility class to Chloe as she tends to bark at anything that moves.  Maybe she’d be quieter if she could be part of it.  Might enroll her next session.

From Jackie and Chloe’s Mom and Dad in California

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