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Oh, Alex, my Alex…

Today, one of our seniors, Alex (who’s been here for a pretty good while), went to meet his new family. Mom Dianne, dad Tom, and Sheltie-sis Bunnie drove down from Moscow, ID, to meet Alex and (they hoped) take him home with them. Their trip did not exactly go as planned — they had three breakdowns along the way! (In the end, it turned out to be a bad alternator, but getting stuck out on the Interstate and having to walk to the next exit with your tiny Sheltie is downright scary!)

They’d hoped to get into Sandy last night and come over to meet Alex, but the breakdowns made that impossible. So, this morning (well, early afternoon, anyway), Barbara and I drove up to Ogden to meet them at the motel where Tom was replacing the alternator. They turned out to be just as wonderful as we’d anticipated from having read their adoption application and talking to them on the phone. Which was good, because poor Alex started shaking like a leaf as soon as we got into the car. Our little boy associated cars with Bad Things happening, like going to the vet, or losing his family.

As we visited with Tom and Diane, all eyes were on Bunnie (who is a very small Sheltie…about 10″ at the shoulders). The problem that everybody feared was that Bunnie wouldn’t be thrilled at having to share her car, her mom and dad, her life with another Sheltie. To our delight, they got along great, no lifted lips, no stalking off in a snit, nothing. They sniffed each other, touched noses, and that was that.

With that worry put to rest, the adoption contract was signed, lots of information exchanged, a starter kit of the kibble that Alex is used to eating and of his medications were given to his new mom and dad, and it was over. Barbara and I headed back down to home. I was sniffling before we got out of the parking lot and Barbara was shedding tears in less than ½ mile. Alex was — is — the sweetest guy. He was really a meaningful part of our lives, especially since he slept with us every night, often with his chin resting on one of my calves or thighs.

It’s hard to know that we’ll never have that pleasure again, but it’s wonderful to know how happy his new family will make him. Tom and Diane are exactly the kind of people we always seek as adopters. We couldn’t have asked for anybody better, and Alex really, really seemed to like them both. He seemed especially taken with Tom, but that’s just a first impression. Time will tell.

Here’s the happy family with their newest addition:


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