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Never Mind…

Yesterday, I blogged about Alex’ adoption to this great couple from Idaho. Well, today, the adoption got undone. There wasn’t anything wrong with Alex — in fact, he exceeded their expectations because (for example) he enjoyed riding in the car and didn’t cause conflict with Bunnie (their existing Sheltie). However, Diane and Tom thought that Bunnie appeared to be very depressed at having to share her life with a second dog, so after a lot of discussion, they decided that perhaps it was not the right time and/or the right Sheltie.

So, very early this afternoon, Tom drove down from Ogden with Alex. We’re all sad that it didn’t work out, because they would have made a fantastic home for Alex. But we also realize that sometimes, even for reasons that are tough to articulate, adoptions just don’t feel right. This was one of those times. They very generously refused to take back the adoption fee, turning it into a donation to Sheltie Rescue. (Thanks, Tom and Diane!) Then, Tom headed off to pick up Diane and Bunnie and start that long drive back up to Moscow, ID.

While we’re sad that it didn’t work out (as I’m sure Tom and Diane are), I want to emphasize that there are no hard feelings about anything here. The prospective new family for Alex did exactly the right thing. If the adoption isn’t 100% good for all three parties (the adopting family, Sheltie Rescue, and the Sheltie), then it should be undone. We’re impressed that this couple were able to work that through under so much time pressure and do the right thing.

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2 comments to Never Mind…

  • KG


    I’m so sorry to hear that the couple from Idaho returned Alex after such a short period. We’ve enjoyed two sets of 2 unrelated Shelties in our home over the past 16 years. With our first set, Mikey (our number one) became very depressed when we added Paulie to the family. But after SEVERAL WEEKS they became inseparable… for over 10 years! They are both gone now but because of their friendship we decided to always have two Shelties!

    Last September we adopted Gillie, a senior Sheltie. We later adopted a 3 year old, Sophie (formerly called Snoopy, check her out online!) from the Sheltie Rescue. We couldn’t be happier with the two VERY different dogs. Gillie as a senior has had a short temper a few times with the younger more rambunctious Sophie, but that’s to be expected. He’s not a grumpy old man very often! Sophie just wants to play ALL THE TIME! :)

    Add to this mix two Calico/tabby cats and we have a very happy family. But it takes TIME to give everyone their space and attention. Our cats, as cats are, were a bit peeved to have one, then two dogs in the house! They were alternately depressed, mad and ambivalent! But now they get along just fine. I believe one of them thinks she is a Sheltie not a cat! Oh, and we firmly believe in having two cats at a time as well! We’ve found that with a companion, dogs and cats are happier all around!

    I commend the couple from Idaho for driving so far to pick up Alex and later to donate the fee to the Sheltie Rescue group. But I’m saddened that they didn’t try it out just a little while longer. But of course, I cannot know all that contributed to their decision. I’m just glad they brought Alex back to the Sheltie Rescue.

    On a personal note, I would like to encourage all owners of single shelties to consider adopting a senior as a companion. We were a little hesitant when first considering this but within a few minutes with Gillie, we were hooked. Even if we have him only a short time, it will have been worth it. He seems to thank us every day for choosing him!

    And thanks again to Sheltie Rescue for our little girl, Sophie. She has been a delight.


  • Oh, yeah, I remember Snoopy! What a wonderful little girl, and the name really fit her. She got into everything while she was here! As she matured, I’m sure that Sophie fits her just fine. She had (has?) such delicate features, a real doll.

    Thanks SO much for the encouragement for people to consider adopting seniors, either as a companion to another Sheltie, or just for who they are by themselves. They really are wonderful.

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