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Handsome Collie-Boy MacKay

Sheltie Rescue has a beautiful two year old Collie-boy, just neutered, who’s very, very handsome, assertive, and a great agility prospect. He’ll soon be listed on In the meantime, here are some photos.  His foster Mom, Sally, successfully begged for an early slot at the Spay and Neuter Clinic.  She told them that MacKay was wanting to have a baby with her!  They were persuaded that he needed to be spayed asap!  Sally says that MacKay is a boy who knows he’s gorgeous but hasn’t been taught any house manners and hasn’t been trained.  MacKay was living outside at his owner’s home with several other Collies.  As a consequence, Sally has the task of training him not to mark in the house and is house-training MacKay.


Lucky for MacKay Sally is patient and loving and recognizes that all these problems, wearying and annoying as they may be, are not MacKay’s fault.  He was not taught what he needed to know to be a great companion living inside a home.  Sally might use a Belly Band to help reduce the number of markings in her home and also to train MacKay not to mark or urinate in the house.  Belly Bands can help house-train a dog because they’re not really keen on having the urine against their body.  You need to be careful about this though…you don’t want your dog to get a skin irritation from being non-stop wet from urine.  Be sure to change the feminine pad inside the Belly Band as often as needed.  Enjoy the photos…


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