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We’ve Got Corgis!

In a cooperative effort with Utah Corgi Rescue we’re listing some of their rescues on our

There are some really wonderful Corgi kids there…sweet and adorable. Here’s a preview…

First we have some photos of lovely Lizzie.  Lizzie’s family passed away.  She was a very loved little girl and had some difficulty coping with losing them.  Lizzie is 10 years old and will be 11 in December.  Some lucky person is going to have the gift of Lizzie in their life.


This is handsome Harley.


This is Duke.  He had some sort of accident sometime previously in his life that has left him with some medical issues such as a back problem.  He also has poor hip ball and socket joints.  Utah Corgi Rescue would like him to find a home without rough-housing or little children and few if any stairs.


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