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Little One and Bends In The Middle – Happy Tales from Adopted Shelties

[photopress:IMGP1100__Medium_.JPG,thumb,pp_image][photopress:gracie__Medium_.jpg,thumb,pp_image][photopress:Group_6_184__Medium_.jpg,thumb,pp_image]Its been a long time since my peeps have written that I thought I’d do it myself.

I know that Jim thought it may not be a good idea to have a new name in my new home, but Gigi suits me better. As he noted Shelties are very smart so now I have many names! Princess (Jazz will always be THE Queen and she can have it….too much responsibility), Sweetie and my Indian name, Little One. Jazz has an Indian name too that the kennel gave her….Bends In The Middle.

Speaking of the kennel, my peeps have taken us there three times I think. Even for a week! Jazz knows all the ropes so she watches out for me and we sleep together in our beds. I sure miss them when their gone but Jazz makes it much more tolerable.

My neighbors are great. When the peeps on one side are irresponsible and leave Buddy out (a cockapoo) he comes and knocks at the door. Jazz and I love having his company even though he usually leaves after about 15 minutes. We all get cookies when he comes over and do perfect sits without being asked.

My other neighbor is Rocky (a Boston Terrier). We’ve only met nose to nose once but I drive my peeps and Rocky’s Mom and Dad nuts running back and forth at the back fence. I know my Mom and Dad get kinda mad but what can they do when I’m outside and the doors and windows are closed….not much! Hee Hee.

When Jazz’s grandma died Mom was ready to adopt. I mention this because she was Jazz’s favorite person in the world. Jazz now has adopted Rocky’s mom as her new favorite since her grandma died. So she must be cool and I always greet her like Jazz does.

Summer is the best time of year and I don’t care how hot it gets especially if my mom or dad is outside in the yard. When Dad is washing the cars its really fun to bite at the stream from the hose and bark at it. I also like being right in the same track when Dad is mowing. I keep having to move every time I get comfortable. I’m told that that the last Sheltie they had did the same things. Maybe us Shelties secretly want to be water dogs and we KNOW we have to be as close as we can to our peeps (especially Dad).

I’ve really become svelt this year (see my pics). I’m on a low fat diet (although I do get to lick plates with Jazz), get daily walks (and now with Rocky’s Mom now that she is retired….Jazz LOVES that) and most importantly PLAY! Last week I weighed 28 pounds! When I think its time to play (around 7:15 pm) Jazz speaks for me and we bug Dad until he gives in. I know where the toy box is kept so I lead him in case he forgets where he put it. In the winter we play inside with a squeaky football. I’m really good at catching it in the air over my shoulder like a wide receiver. I get it so slimy that I can’t hold onto it. At that point my Dad tells me he’ll throw it “one more time” and when I retrieve it, I play keep away. Mom and Dad thinks its so funny when I bring it back at that point I shake my head furiously with the football so they can’t get it. Its so slimy though it eventually slips out of my mouth.

Every time we play (inside or out) our cockatiel Kiwi (he was Grandma’s bird) is the cheerleader. He gets real loud and seems to have a good time watching. He’s real cool. Whenever he comes out of his cage (its open all the time) he’ll jump to the floor and doesn’t mind us dogs at all. Jazz has even given up her bed in the living room for him!

I’m definatly Daddy’s girl. Although I make sure to spend time with Mom when she is working. In fact I ALWAYS know when she’s finished and let her know its time for evening to begin. I rotate with Jazz for time in the office.

At bed and nap time I LOVE to naw on Dad’s feet. They have to be under the covers or a blanket though. Every week Dad brushes us. Once I Jazz showed how enjoyable brushings are she wanted to be first for awhile (must be a Queen thing). I like to drive Dad nuts by being upside down a lot of the time. After a year he’s gotten rid of my dandruff and for summer my undercoat. Gotta tell ya the Furminator works great.

Well its getting late. I know that you and my peeps are busy, but if you send them an email, I’ll bet they’ll be happy to report. How’s my brother Indie doing?

Dave Hansen
Boise ID 83709

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