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Information: A Good Thing

I think that I’ve mentioned ShopWiki in previous postings, but somebody recently called my attention to their Pet Products Buying Guide. For those of you who don’t keep up with all of the fast-developing Web 2.0 stuff, a Wiki is a sort of collaborative development tool. It’s a web-browser-based way for a community to develop information on some subject. You have probably heard of Wikipedia, which is a well-known example.

Well, ShopWiki provides where sufficiently interested people can supply information about pet products. A good example is their Dog Care Buying Guide. Our readers know that we face all sorts of problems – just about everything imaginable – with our rescue dogs. We have loads of resources to which we turn when facing new problems or when overwhelmed by familiar ones. Well, ShopWiki is a good place for us to discover new products or even find advice about a variety of possible solutions. One thing that I like about ShopWiki is that it doesn’t give information about products based on product placement payment, but that it lets “us” (the shopping public) add information about sources of products that we really use. Heck, I just found a page specifically devoted to products and information related to caring for sick and elderly dogs! How cool is that?

Yeah, Sheltie Rescue’s going to make a few bucks for this post, but I really do think that ShopWiki is an interesting and useful source of products and information that can help all of us animal lovers. (Hey, it might be good for shopping for other stuff, too, but I’ve only used it for dog- and other pet-related searches.) Try it out, and let me know if you find it useful. I don’t want to be blogging to support products or sites that aren’t helpful to you.

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