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Dinner and a movie?

OK, so there’s no dinner involved :) Nonetheless, we thought some of our readers might be entertained by a short video that we produced to introduce some of our pack. Now, I gotta warn you – this is my first effort at actually editing a video. I tried not to get too fancy, but I used a couple of tricks to (I hope!) make it a bit more interesting and informative. I haven’t used any music, but might get around to doing that in the near future.

Oh, one more thing: The video itself is on YouTube. As long as you can watch YouTube videos on your internet connection, I doubt you’ll have problem with this one.

With that out of the way, just click on the following link and enjoy yourself:

Please feel free to comment candidly on this opus. That’s the only way I’ll get better…being embarrassed about one video helps me do better on the next one.

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6 comments to Dinner and a movie?

  • Cindy Colbert

    Great job Jim your narration was excellent now if you could just get everyone to hold still so the focus could be better. :O) I liked the little thought bubbles as you introduced the dogs, good idea!

  • Bella Bella

    The video is great! It’s good to see the dogs. Perhaps next time you can focus on one dog at a time, maybe do a “dog of the week” or something so your audience can get to know them better individually.
    Pictures and videos are worth a thousand words, keep filming!

  • I love getting the chance to see how the dogs interact with each other and Barbara…tells alot about their personalities that you just can’t get in a still picture. I think it’s a really good idea!

  • awwww, love the video! nice editing and all. thanks for sharing this…

  • I love Sarah’s (“Bella Bella”) suggestion of a “dog of the week” video. I think I’ll get out today and take some video that I can edit and post some time this week. What a great idea!

    I’m glad that Marie liked to see how the dogs interact, so perhaps I’ll try (some weeks) to do two or three dogs, but not the entire pack!

    Thanks for your kind comments, but I know that this video was, ummm, kind of primitive and proved that I’m a neophyte. But I got some very helpful feedback (“constructive criticism”) that I hope will help me do better next time.

    (There’s an old saying: Experience is what makes you recognize a mistake when you make it again!)

  • mtnlady

    Jim, great way to showcase the dogs seeking homes. I didn’t see Evie though. Good job!

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