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OMG! Warning — Please Take This Seriously

Gentle readers, I just received the following message from another Sheltie person with the plea to spread it far and wide. Please read this carefully and take the message to heart!

Our 9 month old Sheltie puppy, Ella, suffered a tragic, sudden, senseless death this past Friday.   She suffocated to death on a bag liner that was inside a box of Cheez-its snack crackers.  We were out for the evening and someone had left a box of Cheez-its within Ella’s reach.  She put her head in the bag inside the box to get to the crackers.  The bag came out of the box but she couldn’t get the bag off of her head.  We came home and found her dead from suffocation.  It doesn’t seem possible, that a dog couldn’t get a bag off their head, but they can’ t.

I have since learned that this occurs more often than you would imagine.  There was also a family whose 6 year old Labrador got hold of a Doritos bag when they weren’t looking.  They found him dead with the bag over his head, having died the same way as Ella.  I also learned from the man that is cremating Ella for us that he has had FIVE other dogs that have died like this in the PAST MONTH!

Make sure that ALL PLASTIC BAGS AND BOXES WITH BAG LINERS IN THEM (chips, snack crackers, cookies, cereal, etc.) are WAY out of your pets reach!!!!!!

This tragedy has been a tremendous blow for our family!  I have tried to be strong, but the whole scenario has played out in my head over and over and I have been a total mess!  I cannot begin to understand the senselessness of this and my heart is absolutely broken! Ella was so young and full of life…an adorable, sweet, smart, loving dog, and her life was cut short way too soon!

Please help me honor Ella and save someone else from this horrific tragedy by passing this email to as many people as you know!

I can’t imagine the pain that this family must be going through. I am horrified by the image of a puppy, or a grown dog, panicking because he can’t breath and his people aren’t there to help him.

I have a Very Bad Habit of leaving packages of snack food sitting around unsupervised. This heartbreaking story will definitely help me break that habit!

On this day..

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6 comments to OMG! Warning — Please Take This Seriously

  • Bella Bella

    Thank you for the warning! I think I would have been more concerned about the dog eating the chips and not thought about the dangers of the packaging. I’m so sorry for Ella’s loss and this is a tragic tragic event. My deepest condolences! Thank you for your consideration for the rest of our furry loved ones.

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  • jan

    shetlies are just sweet dogs, keep it on :)

  • That’s such a sad story, but its good of you to pass it on, hopefully your warning will stop other dogs having the same fate.

  • RR

    I’m sitting next to my dog as I read this and tears come to my eyes. Just imagining his pain and confusion makes me cry. I hate seeing any person or animal in pain. I will tell every pet owner I know. Thank you for sharing this.


    Luisa, that’s the address of the RSS feed of our blog.

    I’m sorry that I haven’t responded to your kind invitation until now. Things have been very, very busy around here and I lost track of your message. But I’m responding now!

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