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Boo Advises Bella


Boo’s (kitty) tips to Bella (Sheltie)
Life as a pet with the Bagdoian’s

I was pretty young when I found Mama Sarah and Daddy Steve about a year ago in Sept 2006 while living under their porch in the back yard. I don’t know how long I was there before I ran into Daddy one morning and he fed me something called pasta. I decided to stick around and see if they would give me more food which they always did. They even bought me real kitten food. Soon they built me a really nice house with a bedroom and sundeck. They gave me a really warm, soft blanket for my new home. Then they brought home some really fun toys for me to play with. Mama took me to a place where they gave me shots and “fixed” me, and then she took care of me while I recovered. Mama and Daddy have never had a cat before so I’m teaching them how to take care of me. They’re doing a really good job for being dog people! I have noticed that they try to treat me like I’m one of you

Life is pretty easy going and fun here. They let me come and go and do whatever I want outsideround the yard. I’m not allowed to roam inside their house free like you are, but when it is really cold or when or when they think it’s dangerous outside (fireworks) they let me come inside in my cat crate. Mama’s pleased because she thinks she’s crate trained me. Hey, I’m not stupid I know if I want to be safe or warm I know to go inside my crate. You should get used to your crate, they’re nice and cozy. You don’t have to shove me in or anything I just strut into my crate all by myself. I noticed when I do this that Mama gives me those cute round crunchy treats. I think they’re called Cheerios, they’re good and I understand human babies like them too. When I’m in their house in my crate I’m a perfect angel and don’t fuss or make too much noise (except I can’t help purring a lot when I’m in there. They say I purr so loud I sound like a helicopter).

I do have some chores to do, but they’re pretty easy. Besides it’s the least I can do for allowing me to crash here. If you didn’t already know, I am “The Great Huntress”! One of my jobs is to keep the other critters away. You might be able to help me with this after you get settled. Maybe you can chase those ugly green and brown bugs called grasshoppers toward me then I can swat them down and torture them. I have to make sure they don’t jump on Mama, because they make her scream. I’m really good at catching most other bugs too. I used to catch mice, but I must have scared them off because I don’t see them as often. Don’t eat the bugs or mice though they’re icky. I usually don’t eat what I catch, I just leave the limp ones as a present on the back door steps and then Mama makes Daddy throw them away in the garbage. My other job is to keep the birds from pooping on the cars. I usually do this by pretending that I’m sleeping while I’m on top of the cars. I know how to guard with my eyes closed. This freaked Uncle Eddie out when he was visiting. You will learn how fussy he is about his cars. Don’t pee on his tires!

Another job and I’m sure you’ll get into this too, is to amuse and entertain them. Cats are pretty smart but, we usually don’t do tricks like you dogs do. Its not that we can’t we just choose not to. I have learned if I want some more of those Cheerio things that I have to try some tricks. One thing Mama and Daddy are teaching me is something called “sit”. I bet they’ll teach you this one, they like it a lot. You put your butt down when they say that word “sit” and you get a Cheerio and loves from them. That’s it, it’s really simple! When I do this they get really excited and clap and say “good girl”! Like I said, some cats can do tricks. Whatever it takes to make them happy (keep those Cheerios coming). Here’s some good advice for a rookie, the most important word or command that you must learn as quickly as possible is “No”. When Mama or Daddy say this STOP whatever you are doing immediately! You should really learn this word NO it will save you a lot of hassle later. Its pretty simple just stop whatever you’re doing and you’ll stay out of trouble. For example, I learned this one, “No claws!” Mama calls my nails “weapons of mass destruction”. I have to remember when I play with humans and now you, to keep my nails retracted. The other phrase I’ve learned is, “gently, play gently”. I’ve been really careful and have only inadvertently scratched them once or twice, but it was their fault, they got too close to me when I was hunting my toys. Humans are a little delicate and can’t stand being rough housed too much. I think the word “OOUUCH!” means the same as NO. Either way, just stop whatever you’re doing! They don’t like being bitten too hard, scratched and they don’t like being licked excessively either so watch how you play with them cuz they’re wimpy.

Mama and Daddy are easy to manipulate, all you have to do is look cute and snuggle with them once in a while. They’re easy to hypnotize, just have them look into your eyes. It’s incredibly easy to get loves or belly rubs from them. To get a belly rub just drop right in front of them and roll on your back. They’ll rub you for as long as you like. I like Daddy to hold me when he first comes home, so I rub against him and circle his legs until he picks me up. If you do this wait until he has stopped walking, he doesn’t like being tripped. I like to snuggle with Mama. Mama’s lap is really nice to nap on. She doesn’t mind even when I put her butt to sleep because I’ve been sleeping on her too long. Know that if you sit with Mama she likes to fuss and will try to clean you while you’re sleeping. Mama is really good at cleaning the gooey brown stuff out of the corners of the eyes. I’m not really into the brushing thing, but I know she’s excited to start brushing you. She likes to groom us and make us look “pretty”. If they rub a spot that you really like just give them that “I’m in nirvana, ecstasy look” and they will rub it forever. My favorite place is under my chin.

I’m a pretty good watch dog and Mama and Daddy are good guard dogs. I do a boop boop (I try to sound like you guys when you bark) noise or meow as loud as I can as an alarm that there is a possible intruder in the yard. They immediately run out, even in their pajamas and chase off the big monster (another cat or skunk). When they run out I usually jump behind their legs and hide. Most of the time they can’t see the intruder, but I know there’s something out there in the dark . . . somewhere. Now that you’re here you can run out with them and continue sounding the intruder alarm. I can teach you, but I bet you’ll pick up the watch dog alarm thing pretty naturally, huh. I bet with your bark as opposed to my boop boop, that the intruders will soon keep away. Maybe Mama and Daddy won’t have to run out in their pj’s as often. Just for fun (and to keep you in training) I might still sound the alarm once in a while, 2:00 or 3:00a.m. is usually a good time.

I could have left whenever I wanted, but I have a pretty good life here so I stay very close to home. I never leave the yard even though I can at any time. Recently, they put up that big fence around the yard just for you, so you can’t escape. They also put up that big fence so that other animals can’t come into our turf. This is our crib! This place is nice for pets so maybe that’s why all the other neighborhood animals try to live here. You’re really safe here and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to leave, you should stay close to home all the time. There is no need to wander away. Trust me the grass isn’t greener across the street, well actually it is (they have yard service), but just use it to do your business then come back home. What I’m trying to tell you is that it’s a pretty simple life. All we really have to do is be ourselves: cute and cuddly and we can get anything, especially unlimited love.

Love, Boo

a.k.a. Boo Kitty, Boo Boo, Boobies, Booky, Kitty, “Hey!”, Little One, etc. Can’t wait to see how many names they give you. P.S. One more tip. Sometimes when they call you they don’t use your name(s) they just whistle. You can usually hear Daddy’s whistle, but Mama’s whistle is really weak. She sucks at whistling so you have to listen carefully for her. I hope your hearing’s as good as mine. Anyway if you hear a faint noise on the wind, just run back to them. They’re always happy to see you.

Welcome to your new home, Bella!

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