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Out Of Touch

There hasn’t been much blogging going on recently, not on this blog, at least. One reason, which some readers already know, is that Barbara has had both of her knees replaced in the last 60 days! She’s been awfully busy with recovering, physical therapy, and all that. The good news is that her recovery has very much stunned her doctor and physical therapists. They are very interested in what about her has made it possible for her to recover so rapidly. She actually walked out of the hospital on her own two feet just about 72 hours after the second surgery! It’s astounding, it is. (And I’m awfully proud of her, too!)

With Barbara back at her computer, maybe this blog will get a little bit more active. I hope so…our Google Page Rank is down to a miserable 2.

On this day..

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2 comments to Out Of Touch

  • Way to go Barbara! It really is amazing how quickly you’re recovering from such major surgery.

  • cindy colbert

    Can’t beleive your up and around so soon. I had orthoscopy on one knee in May and am only now back to normal. My neighbor had one knee replaced and was down for weeks. Good going there. Glad to see the blog activity back too!

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