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Organizing the Warehouse, redux

In an earlier post (How to Organize a Warehouse), I told you, Gentle Reader, that we were building a rack on which we could store the many tubs containing the various products we have for sale through our web store, Sheltie Rescue Mall. In that post, I promised to take some pictures of the rack when it was completed and show them to you. Well, I’ve finally managed to do just that.

Here’s a shot that captures some of the rack:


The rack comprises five vertical “bays”, each bay having three compartments, plus the top of the rack. That adds up to 15 compartments into which bins can be placed, plus the top, on which we can place shorter bins or un-binned miscellaneous stuff.

Here’s a closer look at just one bin:


And we love it so much already that we’re planning to build a second rack of the same size, which should keep all of the bins up and off of the floor, easy to access.

On this day..

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