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Back Online

Ummm…those of you who still care about this blog (bless you!) may have noticed that we’ve been terribly silent lately. Well, it’s been for a good reason. If only I could think of one :)

Seriously, Barbara and I desperately needed a break, what with her surgeries, all the rescues coming and going, the loss of Sly, etc. So we took three weeks off (we’d actually intended to take two, but getting cheap flights proved difficult) and went to Florida to go sailing! We spent a few days at our very first boat show and, sadly, spent a ton or two of our negative cash. But then we went sailing ‘way out in the Gulf and had, errrrr, an interesting sail. We went offshore to get some offshore sailing experience and encountered rougher seas than we’d expected. The boat handled just great, but things got wild in a hurry, what with us hitting 9½ knots with depowered sails in the middle of the night on a boat that’s supposed to top out at about 7¾ knots!

Anyway, we’re back now and catching up on everything. With any luck, we’ll start blogging a bit more regularly now.

Happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy Chanukah, joyous Kwanza, or happy Festiva (if you’ve watched Seinfeld enough).

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