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A Whirlwind of Activity

Wow! It’s been busy since my last post on December 22. Most of the people with whom I work (day job, that is) started disappearing about December 22 or 23 and won’t return until Monday, January 5. That gave me just about two weeks of no meetings, no work-related telephone calls, and even a reduction in work-related email. I don’t know about you, but two weeks seems like enough time to build a few web sites, write a book or two, do some exotic travel, and bathe a dozen or so Shelties. But it never seems to work out that way — everything seems to take anywhere from three to ten times as long to do as I estimate it would. Sigh…

But that’s not why I’m here ;) . Instead, I want to talk about the turnover here at SRU. And I hardly know where to start, so I’ll work backwards.

Late yesterday, during a near blizzard, Barbara drove out to a motel near the airport to retrieve a “Sheltie” from a man who had just transported her down from Idaho. This five month old puppy, named Aubrey, wasn’t a purebred Sheltie, but she was delightful. She was already bigger than half of the Shelties we have around here now, but very well behaved and housebroken. She looks like she’s got a goodly amount of Border Collie in her, maybe some Sheltie as well, but her coat has the look and feel of a black lab.

But Barbara already had a potential adopting home in mind! Early this afternoon (less than 18 hours after Aubrey arrived here), a lovely couple came over to meet her. It was love at first sight. Aubrey was a little reserved at first, obviously not really understanding what was happening. (After all, we were her third place of residence, including an animal shelter, in less than a week!) But there was a clear attraction and Aubrey made it clear that these people would do just fine as providers of a forever home. So, contracts signed, Aubrey went off to a fantastic new home where she’ll have an older brother to teach her the ropes.

On Thursday afternoon, one of our volunteers (Marci) brought a new rescued Sheltie, whom she had just picked up at a shelter, to us. Angel, who is about eight years old, has a sad history, of which we know only a part. She was adopted some time ago from a rescue group in Utah County, but the other dog in the home became aggressive towards her. So the family gave Angel to some friends of theirs, who kept her for a while, then turned her over to a shelter, claiming that they “became allergic” to her. Yeah, right… She is a no-brainer to care for, very cute and very sweet.

Well, yesterday afternoon, a gentleman came over with his mother to consider fostering a Sheltie. We introduced them to Angel and we could tell right away that there was real potential there. The man signed our foster agreement and took Angel home with him, but we have a sneaking suspicion that Angel’s not coming back…we think this guy’s going to fall so in love with that darling little girl that he’ll adopt her outright.

In an earlier post, I told you about Bernard, who arrived into our care on Saturday, December 20. Well, it didn’t take long for the word to get out (I guess my blog post helped a little) about that sweet little senior. And we got a phone call from an elderly gentleman who lives in Moab, UT. Then we got a phone call from his nephew. Then we got calls from other members of his family. This gentleman wanted a companion with whom to spend his days, and liked the description of Bernard. On December 30, the nephew came over to “do” the adoption and to drive Bernard south to join his new dad.

In a couple of earlier posts (here and here), Barbara told you all about this absolutely darling ball of fluff who’d come into our program. She didn’t have a name, but we thought that Lisa fit her pretty well, so we started calling her that. To be honest, even though we’re still overflowing with seniors here, I thought she was so cute that I didn’t mind having her running around all over the place.

But sanity prevailed, and Barbara put the word out that a foster home for Lisa and for another older puppy (Dakota) would be very helpful. Our very own Marie, an important member of Sheltie Rescue and a fantastic agility trainer and competitor, came to the rescue (resq?)! Marie offered to foster that pound-and-a-half of live and love, as well as darling Dakota, for us, and we welcomed the opportunity for her to get some training right off the bat — we’re really not very good about taking time to train all of the rescues (or even our own Shelties). Unfortunately for Marie, but fabulous for everybody else, we found a forever home for Dakota the very next day, so Randy (Marie’s husband) drove Dakota back here the next day.

Now, Lisa hadn’t been gone for more than a couple of days before we started hearing about how much Marie liked her and how Marie was really falling in love. Now, mind you, Marie previously adopted a Sheltie from us (Rogue, formerly known as Bonnie Jean) and has done miracles with her, in spite of some serious anxiety issues (Rogue, not Marie). We’re so impressed with Marie’s training abilities that we were not-a-bit-secretly thrilled at the possibility of lovely little Lisa becoming a permanent part of Marie’s household.

Well, it didn’t take long before Marie phoned us to discuss the possibility. She was so sweet about it, saying that she didn’t want to deny any opportunities or plans that we had for Lisa. But it was pretty clear in her voice that she really welcomed the possibility. So, without the slightest hesitation, we said “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!” (or words to that effect). And then Marie had to figure out what to do about a problem — she (well, her husband) already has a Sheltie named Lisa. Since this little puppy hadn’t had long to become attached to the name, Marie renamed her Layla. And I think that name just fits her perfectly. You can see how she’s doing here and here and here. (Aw, heck, just add Resq Tails to the list of blogs you read — it’s a great blog…and gets entries rather more often that this one does :( .)

Like I said, it’s been really busy around here!

Oh, while I’m thinking of being busy, I want to mention that I’ve been doing a lot of work on our new Sheltie Rescue of Utah web site, currently to be found at If all continues to go well, we’ll retire the old site within a very few weeks and redirect the domain name to the new site. So, if you’ve got an emotional attachment to the old site (or just want to pump up my feeble ego by telling me how great it looked :) ), better look at it again now! But please do check out the new site and give us your suggestions about how it can be improved. (The one big thing that I know is not yet done is moving all of our Success Stories from the original site to this one…but that’s in progress.)


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5 comments to A Whirlwind of Activity

  • Dog-oh-dog what a whirlwind of activity!!! Congratulations to all the wonderful Sheltie souls that found a new fur-ever home over the holiday period, especially the ‘oldies’ like Bernard. Keep the good work up.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR from New Zealand

    Josh and Jessie

  • Josh and Jessie, I really appreciate your comments! Keep ‘em coming. I like your blog so much that I’ve got it (finally) listed on my blogroll! Everybody else, check it out!

  • That’s so great about all those new homes! yay! I hope the home placements stay high all this year!

    However… Lisa was, actually, named Lucy! And Marie already has a Lucy so they renamed her to Layla. ;)

  • Phew, and I thought things were busy down here! :-) I’m so happy to hear that it’s not just been a whirlwind of intake lately, that you’ve also had a whirlwind of adoptions to go along with the steady stream of incoming Shelties.

    Thanks so much for letting Layla come to live with us! She’s growing up quickly, and is just an absolute delight to have around!

    As for all the work that you’re doing on the websites…I know that it’s got to be incredibly time consuming to be transferring over all the information from the old site to the new, but it’s coming right along, and it’s looking really nice!!!

  • WHOA!!! this post makes me so happy. I would love love love to help you bathe some dogs. I should have just bugged you to let me come up and do a few since I was off on break and wasting time reading on my couch.

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