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Why does everybody’s blog look so much more professional than mine?

OK, I’m officially depressed.

I’ve been breaking my hump lately trying to get SRU’s new web site in better condition so we can retire the old one, as well as working hard on our web store, and I’ve just gotten back to noticing what our blog looks like. Not so bad, I says to myself.

But then I take a gander at the blogs of a couple of our friends and fellow rescuers: Tip Tail and Resq Tails. And they look fantastic, like they were created by somebody who has a clue. Crud, I says to myself, what’s wrong with me?

Yeah, yeah, I know. I have 3 full-time day jobs (you think I’m kidding, don’t you?), in addition to all of the Sheltie Rescue stuff, not to mention that 40′ sailboat (a/k/a hole in the water needing to be filled with money) down in Florida. But it still irks me that my blog doesn’t look as slick and gorgeous as my friends’ blogs.

Maybe I should just accept my limitations and hire somebody to do it for me. Anybody willing to work for free? And let me retain the illusion of some control?

Sigh…there otta be a law :)

On this day..

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12 comments to Why does everybody’s blog look so much more professional than mine?

  • Hey, there’s nothing wrong with your blog! We like it :) It would be pretty boring if they all looked the same. :)

  • Jim you make me laugh! Resqtails wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Cyn. I truly don’t have a clue about the whole thing! I think that when you look at your own for too long you get bored with it and everyone else’s just looks better because it’s different. I know that’s how I feel sometimes.

  • LOL you are silly! I actually have been known to spend hours and hours surfing free template sites to find the templates I like… and I’m really picky, too! I wouldn’t mind helping you out, but I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable picking a theme for you. Theme’s are actually very personal! so is the layout too, really!

  • I think your site/blog are just great! they do exactly what you need and want them to do for you.

  • cindy colbert

    I love your blog and read it all the time, makes me feel like we are in touch a bit. Don’t give up.

  • Now I feel a bit foolish. I hadn’t intended for my post to be taken as whining — you know, poor, poor me, nobody loves me, I’m going to go out and eat worms. My intent was merely to express my admiration for Marie’s and Cynthia’s sites (and for Cynthia’s awesome capacity for learning and deploying all sorts of interesting stuff).

    And, Cynthia, you know I”m not shy about asking you how you did something, or for suggestions about what I might try out.

    But, dear readers, thank you very much for your kind, encouraging words. Even though I wasn’t fishing for compliments, it was lovely to get them.

  • I didn’t take it as whining! :) The more I think about it, the more I think I’d love to help. I could fish around and maybe suggest some themes! Oh and I’d suggest Project Wonderful for ads too (I’ve made a bit of money from them).

    Oh, and you need the Comment Email Responder plugin so when you reply to comments, the commenter gets an email too! ;)

  • Cynthia, I will gratefully accept your offer to help. I don’t really have a clue what I’d like…I don’t know if I want a “makeover”, a complete overhaul, a tuneup, or what. But I’d love to talk with you about it. I’d especially like to talk about “Project Wonderful”, as I’ve not even heard the name before your comment.

    I do have the Comment Email Responder plugin (activated), but have no idea whether it’s working properly. I clicked on the envelop icon for your last comment before typing this reply; just beneath the window into which I’m typing the reply, I see (in red) “Replying to: 3302″, which leads me to believe that it is working as intended. But I can’t prove that!


  • How much html / javascript etc experience do you have? I had a wonderful lady create my theme for Duncan’s site for me. I have used her to create multiple themes personalized for me for different sites I’ve done. She creates the layout for me and I just go back to the code and add everything that I need…my links, the blog coding for posts etc. She even created some great graphics with pictures of my dogs (scroll down on the left nav to see Duncan’s “mail” grapic, and down to the very bottom to see Little Debbie’s “baggage” graphic.) The website is . Duncan’s theme was about $40. She’ll give you an estimate and you can even pay through Paypal! I have been extremely happy with every them she has created for me. I’m even in the process of redesigning my personal site with a new theme from her. Check her out, and feel free to shoot me an email with questions! I’d be glad to give any help that I am able to!

  • Thanks very much for the suggestion, rescuedmysheltie! I’ve been in the computer industry for (frightening to think of it) more than 40 years. In spite of that, I’m pretty much a dilettante at Javascript and would call myself pretty much a novice at HTML, too. (On the other hand, I’d have to say I’m reasonably expert at XML, XSLT, XQuery, XML Schema, etc., since those are part of my day job.)

    I’ll consider contacting the woman you recommended, but I think I’ll first spend some time working with Cynthia.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi! I love your blog! But I think we all get a bit tired of our own after a while and just need a change, a facelift so to speak. But, really, I think yours is just great. The sheltie header is the best! Still, I hope you find exactly what you want!

  • I think your blog looks pretty good actually! It’s more than I can say for attempting to start one and leaving it soooo not done. I really love that people like you, that are so busy, still can find time to keep up on their blog at all. Rock on!

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