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An Angel On The Mend

Barbara dropped by our vet’s offices this morning to check on the status of a fairly new rescue, a senior girl named Angel (whom I mentioned in a previous post). Angel’s in the care of a foster home (other than us) and her foster mom had taken Angel into the vet’s for her senior blood panel and her dental cleaning.

Well, the “cleaning” turned out to be the removal of most of her teeth (full disclosure: I’m not quite clear on whether that already happened, or if it’s the next step). She also has a “blazing bladder infection” that she’s apparently had for a very long time; Dr. Chris told Barbara that Angel’s teeth are so bad that they might actually be the root cause of the bladder infections! (I’d never heard of that previously — have any of you?)

Anyway, her bloodwork was very clean for a senior and it looks like she’s on the road to recovery!

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4 comments to An Angel On The Mend

  • When I got Barbara’s message today about Angel’s teeth possibly being the cause of the other infection, I’d never heard of that happening either. I’m so glad that the shelter decided to transfer her to SRU instead of just adopt her out themselves to a home where her medical issues might not have been addressed so promptly!

  • I have heard that poor dental care can allow bacteria into the system… I have Mitral Valve Prolapse so the docs are always trying to give me antibiotics, so it actually doesn’t surprise me.

    I hope she feels better soon!

  • How strange. Could the infection have spread to her bladder? That must have been quite a shock seing the poor girl with no teeth! Hope the antibiotics will kick in shortly and she’ll be feeling better soon.

    Josh and Jess

  • I have heard of dental issues causing all sorts of problems for dogs. Though I have not known any dogs who’s dental problems specifically had caused bladder infections it doesn’t surprise me. When I adopted my Duncan after his rescued from a mill and had his first dental he lost 18 teeth! Fortunately he kept his bottom canines so his little tongue doesn’t hang out of his mouth! But these dogs can be so tough. After about a month, Duncan was back on solid food even without most of his teeth!

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