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Cassie’s Got a Forever Home

Back in (I think) August 2008, four Shelties were turned over to us together. They were:

  • Cassie — A mahogany sable and white girl about nine years old who had (about five months earlier) given birth to three puppies
  • Sherlock — A blue merle boy about three years old who was the sire of those puppies
  • Dakota — A tri-color boy about five months old who was one of those puppies
  • Gypsy — A tri-color girl about five months old who was another of those puppies

Gypsy found a home pretty quickly, perhaps two months later, maybe a little less. Then Sherlock was adopted a month or so later. And a couple of months after that, Dakota went to his new home.

When Cassie got here, she was a fantastic mother to her two puppies, in addition to being very sweet and affectionate with us. But as her puppies and her “boyfriend” were taken away from us, she seemed to pull away from us, get a bit depressed, and started acting very skittish.

Well, recently, a lovely couple who’d adopted a Sheltie from us a few years back contacted us to let us know that Tippi had reached the end of his life and, after grieving for some months, they thought that they were ready to get another Sheltie. And they expressed interest in Cassie.

Today, they came over to meet Cassie, and there was a very quick response from Cassie — she really liked them! And they liked her as well! So, contrary to our usual policy of never adopting on the first visit, we decided that it would be OK for Cassie to go home with them today (well, we knew them from the previous adoption, which made us more comfortable). Cassie was a little anxious, being not quite sure what was going on, but she hopped right into their car like she belonged there.

And off they drove, a very happy little family. (Note: the cats back at their home had not yet been consulted…but Cassie doesn’t bother cats at all, so we think it’ll be OK.)

On this day..

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