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There goes a happy Shelbee

Wow! Yesterday, a very nice woman named Pam came over with her sister and their mother to meet some of the dogs. The first one to whom we introduced them was Shelbee — and I haven’t seen Shelbee that excited in a very long time. She really connected with Pam right off the bat, and it was obvious that Pam connected with Shelbee.

To make sure that the bases were covered, we also introduced Shasta, which kinda annoyed Shelbee a little bit (you know…”Hey, I was here first; what’s she doing here?”). While they liked Shasta and vice versa, the real connection was with Shelbee. After we explained that our policies discourage sending a dog off with a prospective adopter on the first visit, Pam made it clear that she was perfectly willing to wait, come back the next day, whatever, but that she definitely wanted Shelbee.

We ended up sending Shelbee home with her under a short-term foster arrangement, but we will very likely complete the adoption before Barbara goes in for her next surgery on Monday, 19 January.

I’m so happy for Shelbee, but I also miss her a lot. She has been a fixture here for a long time and she’s always been such a sweetheart.

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