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Two out, four in

Well, in the last three days, we’ve placed two rescued Shelties (Cassie and Shelbee) into new homes, and we took in (today) four new rescues. Sigh…

The newcomers are:

  • Cooper — a 20-month old male Sheltie with a very striking face: it’s over half white. He’s a little skittish about men, but did let me rub his tummy for a while.
  • Shadow — a 15-week old Sheltie little girl (well, not all that little). She, like her two sisters, was very anxious, not understanding what was happening, but was very comforted by the cuddling and affection Barbara showered on her.
  • Meggie — Shadow’s littermate, but somewhat smaller. She was shaking like a leaf when brought into the house and it took a lot of holding and cuddling before she stopped shaking. She seemed to settle down after a while.
  • Tessa — Another littermate, and clearly the runt of the litter. She, too, was shaking pretty badly, but she settled down more quickly than Shadow or Meggie. She’s going to be pretty small.

All three of the puppies are cute as can be, of course — what Sheltie puppy isn’t? Judging from her paws, Shadow’s going to be 17″ or more, while Meggie’s probably going to top out at around 15½” to 16″ and Tesssa may stay under 14″.

They’re all (four) sable and white, but this is one of those litters that shouldn’t have been. While it was clear that the couple who turned the dogs over to us really cared about them, they were also breeding as a source of revenue and without any evident thought about whether they were improving on the breed in any way. The three puppies (oh, we were told that they might end up having to bring two more littermates, male, if they don’t sell soon) have loooooong muzzles and absolutely no stop that I can see. Sure, it’s difficult to predict adult head shape at 15 weeks, but I don’t see a stop suddenly showing up…and the muzzles aren’t going to get any shorter!

As soon as the couple departed, Barbara loaded all four of them into the car and took them right over to Cottonwood Animal Hospital for spaying/neutering.

So, we were down to 11 for a brief few hours, and now we’re back up to 15.

On this day..

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5 comments to Two out, four in

  • Jessie is the runt of the litter, too (however from a respectable breeder). She only weighs in at about 9kg and recken her to be 12″, if at all. 15 Shelties – we’d love to see that :)

  • Wow, big girls! I can’t wait to see pictures. I’ve been dying of curiosity to hear how big they were, since they were coming in close the age that Layla was when we brought her here from your house. Sounds like they’d all dwarf her, probably even now! LOL

    As close as I’ve been able to measure with a wiggle butt like Layla, she’s getting close to 11 in. high now and she’s weighing in at a hefty 7 lbs, and she’s closing on 20 weeks this Friday.

    Maybe if you still have them when we come up for the agility trial at the end of the month, Layla can come visit. :-)

  • I also look forward to pictures. :)

  • flirt

    Sounds like they’d all dwarf her, probably even now. What a girl;we’d love to see that. I also look forward to pictures.

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