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Last Minute Pseudo-Panic

Well, tomorrow morning is when Barbara goes under the knife again, so we’ve been pretty busy the last few days trying to get the house and everything else as ready as we can. Of course, I’ll have more to do while she’s in the hospital to prepare for her homecoming (probably by Wednesday or Thursday!). She won’t be able to sleep lying down for a while, so we’ve got a very comfortable recliner in which she can sit/recline and sleep. I don’t think I’d have a chance of getting things ready, though, without the help of our wonderful pet/house-sitter, Amanda, who’ll be coming over to help take care of the dogs, help me get the house ready, and then help take care of Barbara.

As I told you on Wednesday, the three puppies plus one adult came home from being spayed and neutered that day. Well, the very next day, we had a visit from a woman named Sharon whose sister works at Cottonwood Animal Hospital and adopted a puppy from us some years back. The woman who visited us, along with her husband Jeff, really loved all three puppies (what’s not to love, eh?), but they decided they liked the middle one, Meggie.

Because Sharon and Jeff’s references were impeccable (her sister at Cottonwood), we made an exception to our policy of “nobody goes home on the first date” :) And, with that, Meggie was adopted! The people were very happy about this, and Meggie seemed pretty happy herself. Regrettably, my camera’s chip was full-full-full and I didn’t get any pictures of the adoption :(   But we’ll get them to send us some photos that we can post.

Last evening, a young woman named Caitlin came over to meet Shasta and Cooper. She really fell for Cooper, but agreed with our policy of coming over for a second visit before making a decision. Well, she came over again today and still wanted Cooper, but she was concerned that he might have some medical issue going on that she might be able to afford to treat. We assured her that Cooper was in no way ill, but that he was slightly lethargic for at least three reasons: First, he was neutered only on Tuesday. Second, he got a panel of vaccinations on Tuesday. Both of those are very good reasons for a dog to be quiet and a little sedentary. And, third, he had just lost a home where he was loved and very comfortable, spent a couple of days/nights at a strange veterinary office, had a sister just go missing (from his point of view), etc. But Caitlin was still a little anxious about adopting immediately, so we agreed that she would foster Cooper for a couple of weeks until she was comfortable that there is nothing wrong with him. And off he went, already starting to bond with her.

Also, yesterday, Rusty, the man who adopted Travis came over to finalize the adoption paperwork. While here, he told us more about Travis’ separation anxiety and how miserable he (Travis) is when Rusty goes off to work (and how destructive he has been when not properly crated at those times). Barbara suggested that Shasta might be able to help Travis learn that it’s OK when people leave, because they come back, and one doesn’t have to be in real pain because of the separation. Shasta and Travis know one another, and Shasta is a very calm, take everything in stride kind of girl. So we think that Rusty may foster Shasta for a couple of weeks while Barbara’s in the hospital and recuperating here at home, and he might possibly even decide that he wants to adopt her. We’ll see…

And, on a very, very down note: It has become to be obvious that Czar is at the end of his life. His tumor is very large and prevents him from closing his right eye (so Barbara’s constantly putting ointment and drops into his eye), his right lower lip droops, he’s started to be a bit unstable, and the drain hole the vet put into the tumor a couple of days ago keeps weeping copious quantities of a strange dark fluid that seems to be equal parts blood, pus, and very abnormal cells. We’re going to take him over to Cottonwood in a few hours and say goodbye to him. It’s very, very hard, because he’s still alert and loves to be cuddled. But he’s got a persistent diarrhea that won’t go away with the normal treatments and I believe that he would really pine very badly about Barbara being gone even for two or three nights. It’s his time.

Life in rescue can be really joyous and it can be really depressing. And sometimes it can be both at the same time. Seeing the two remaining puppies (Shadow and Tessa) growing and learning is fantastic, and watching adoptions happen to change dogs’ lives is also wonderful. But having to let a dog go is so very hard. At least we had the honor and joy of having Czar in our lives for the last couple of years! I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

On this day..

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4 comments to Last Minute Pseudo-Panic

  • Poor old Czar, but you’re right, maybe it is his time :( We feel very sorry for you, it’s so hard letting a beloved friend go.
    We hope that Barbara’s surgery tomorrow will go well and that she’s back with the pack in no time at all.
    We’ll be praying for you all.

    Josh and Jessie

  • I’m very sorry to hear about Czar, but once again I am glad that he had people who loved him dearly right to the end.

    As for the adoptions/new fosters…the good news in that department seems to keep coming.

    I’ll be thinking about Barbara and hoping that her surgery goes as well as the last two have. Hopefully, she’ll be home and feeling up to an always cheerful visit from Layla on Thurs. :-)

  • I’m so sorry about Czar. It’s so hard to let them go. :(

    I hope Barbara’s surgery goes well and she has a quick recovery!

  • don’t you wish they could just go peacefully? I hate putting them down.
    all the best!

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