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M’Lady’s Home!

Well, I picked Barbara up at the hospital at about 11:00 this morning, after which we went straight to a pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions for her, then home. She spent a while setting a recliner up in which she plans to sleep (under the theory that sleeping in our waterbed might not be all that comfortable on her shoulder), then popped into that chair and napped for awhile.

I went in to see what she was up to and chatted with her for a minute. Unfortunately, that got Star a little over-enthusiastic, and she jumped up onto the back of Barbara’s recliner and stood with her front paws on Barbara’s shoulders! Ouch!! We’ve gotta ensure that doesn’t happen again.

Barbara just came into the office where I’m sitting right now and said that the recliner’s not as comfortable as she’d hoped, so she’s going to run upstairs and try lying in the waterbed. If she decides that’s the right place for her to sleep, she’ll be sleeping by herself! She doesn’t need me to be tossing and turning all night, much less for various dogs to walk all over her.

Regardless of where she chooses to sleep, I’ll be sleeping with the dogs on an air mattress we’ve set up in our “formal” living room (where the recliner is situated).

On this day..

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