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I Guess a Dozen Just Isn’t Enough

Well, for a few days, since Tzar died, we’ve been down to an even dozen dogs in the house, about as low as we’ve been in over a year. It just couldn’t last, could it?

Since Barbara got back home yesterday afternoon, we’ve learned that Cassie’s coming back to us. Her family’s unhappy that she hasn’t warmed up to the man of the house, so they’re returning her. We’ve got a three-legged Sheltie waiting to come in as soon as transport from southern Idaho can be arranged, and we got a call this evening from somebody who wants to turn a seven-month old Sheltie puppy to us because it’s very shy and not training very easily. And we’re beginning to think that Cooper is probably going to come back to us instead of being adopted.

Back up to 16. Probably. Maybe only 15. Sigh…

On this day..

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9 comments to I Guess a Dozen Just Isn’t Enough

  • I read your last article also. I think you loved so much to your pet. great!

  • Outnumbered by 16 Shelties :) Poor Cooper, why don’t they want him ?

  • uh… that is so….discouraging. Dogs are not things….

  • Ya know, I don’t think it’s that they don’t want him. I think it’s more that the woman who is fostering him isn’t very experienced with dogs and she gets very anxious about things that we’ve learned are normal. I hope that she’s able to start relaxing about Cooper and his individual eccentricities pretty soon so he can stay with her. I’m sure he’s already bonding to her, so fingers crossed…

  • Yeah, it is discouraging. Some good news, though — after I started writing my response to Josh and Jess’ comment about Cooper, we got a phone call from the people who’ve adopted Cassie telling us that they’re not bringing her back after all.

    The woman of the house is already very attached to Cassie, and it’s mutual, so the husband said that she should stay (and he acknowledged that “maybe we haven’t given this enough time”, which is really good of him). So at least Cassie’s not coming back (at least not yet).

  • Kim and Dan

    I am so happy Cassie is being given more time to get used to her new surroundings. I really hope it works out for her.

    We are the lucky family that has had the pleasure of adding SRU’s Misty to our pack. Although she likes my husband Dan, it still takes Misty time to warm up to our son each time he comes home, and to my dad whenever he visits – even though they all are very nice men. We’ve only had her for four months (already can’t imagine being without her), and each time she sees our son or my dad it takes her less and less time to warm up to them.

    So, perhaps Cassie does just need some more time to settle in. She has been through a lot in the last 6 months. I truly hope it works out for her.

  • Ahh…Kim and Dan — I wondered if you were Misty’s mom and dad. Welcome to Sheltie Tales! I think you’re exactly right about Cassie and that she’ll get where they want her to be, but they have to be patient. (Seems like everybody — me, included, alas — wants instant gratification these days!)

  • The number of Shelties coming into rescue is just unbelieveable to me lately! I soo hope that things slow down, but with the economy the way it is, and the disposable view of pets that many people have, I don’t know… :-(

  • Update on Cooper: We had a nice visit with the woman who’s fostering him and cleared up a lot of miscommunication. She’s really in love with Cooper and definitely wants to adopt him, and it’s pretty clear that he’s very attached to her as well. I think that all she needed was a little encouragement to keep communications with us much more open (listening/hearing, as well as informing). She phoned us yesterday and told us how things were going and asked a couple of questions, which makes me really much more comfortable. I think this adoption will happen, probably within a week or two.

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