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Puppy Visits

This evening, our friends and rescue colleagues Cynthia and Marie dropped by with Marie’s puppy Layla (whom she adopted from us when she — the puppy, that is — was named Lucy). Among other things, Marie wanted to finalize the contract for Layla’s adoption, and both of them wanted to meet puppies Shadow and Tessa. In addition, Cynthia had never met Abby, so there was another treat in store :)

Well, I have to say that Layla is even more incredible now than she was when she lived with us. She is, like Abby, a real pistol, full of energy, piss, and vinegar. She never stops and nothing seems to faze her. It was just wonderful to see (approximately) four month old Layla doing razor sharp sits, downs, stands, “touch my palm with your nose”s, and the like. Marie’s really making super progress with Layla (whose huge intelligence doesn’t hurt at all).

Abby loved meeting Cynthia and getting re-acquainted with Marie and Layla. And Shadow and Tessa didn’t do too bad, either. Shadow spent most of the time sitting up on a couch next to me, while Tessa played with Layla some and with a bunch of toys the rest of the time. All in all, this was a great opportunity for socializing them. (No, I didn’t get any pictures…what an idiot…I even had my camera with me, and I just forgot. Sigh…)

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6 comments to Puppy Visits

  • don’t worry, u would take their pic’ next time.

  • Layla had a great time playing with Abbey and Tessa, and she’s pretty sure that with a bit more time, she might have been able to convince Shadow to come off that couch and join the fun. LOL

    As for forgetting the camera…I didn’t bring mine on Layla’s first weekend roadtrip. How bad is that? Good thing Cyn had hers with us at the trial, and she got some pictures of the crew.

  • I loved meeting the puppies and Abby! Abby is great, I hope she will come do agility with us!

    I love Layla, had I fostered her, I think she would have stayed here! :) I really need a nice short spitfire height dog for flyball sometime! ;) Though right now I need another dog like I need a hole in my head. LOL

  • dog training tips…

    Is there any way I can subscribe to your blog? Thanks!…

  • Yes, as a matter fact, it’s easy to subscribe. Up at the top right side of every page, you should see a link that says “Subscribe to Posts” and another that says “Subscribe to Comments”. Clicking on the “Posts” link will give you a subscription to the RSS feed for all new posts to this blog, while clicking on the “Comments” link gives an RSS feed subscription to all comments.

    Hope this helps

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