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And Then There Were…

It’s only 10:00 in the morning and we’re already up one dog. At about 9:00, a couple and their 3-year old daughter came over to drop off their 7-month old puppy, a tri-color Sheltie named Cole. Their reason: He’s too shy and runs away from their daughter. Well, they’re a nice family, and the daughter was a pretty normal 3-year old, but they casually said that “when she chases him to pet him, he runs away”. Duh! Cole is a bit spooky and it’s going to take some work to get him to settle in, and he’s never going to be Mr. Confidence, but he’s going to be great for a family of adults or older kids. Oh, and of course he’s not neutered!

In another hour or two, Cassie’s people — yes, they changed their minds again — will come over to turn Cassie back over to us. I’m sure glad that they gave it a real good chance this time :( On the other hand, A lovely woman called us a week or so ago asking about Jett and Sienna, and she might actually be a great candidate for Cassie instead. I’m not sure when she’s coming over to interview, but probably this weekend.

Some time later today (not sure when), the wonderful people who have been fostering Jackson (the Corgi-Sheltie mix from hell…sorry, that’s probably uncalled for) will bring him back. While we had hopes that they might find a permanent home for Jackson, the main reason they had him was to foster him while Barbara was having her surgeries. Well, Jim, the husband of the family, is going in for some surgery himself, so they’re bringing Jackson back. (Happily, Barbara has an adoption prospect for Jackson, but we’ll see.)

And in about 3 hours, Cooper’s foster mom is coming by (with Cooper) to talk with us about the problems as we see them. Barbara’s really not comfortable with Cooper going back with this woman, but I’m not seriously concerned for Cooper’s health or safety and I’m worried about more and more dogs, especially two spooky males, coming in.


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9 comments to And Then There Were…

  • I wish two things. One, that I lived in Utah, and two that I had a fenced yard so I could handle more than one Sheltie. But I live in Michigan, and one little girl is all I can deal with. You are doing a wonderful thing finding homes for these dogs. Just found your blog, will enjoy following your trials and tribulations! The best to you – Dawn (and Katie too!)

  • So much going on! I am sorry! If I would have known I would have insisted on being there and not worried about myself. I was only worried about Barbara getting what I have after just getting home from surgery. I will be there tomorrow if you want me!

  • Oh man… sounds like a weekend from hell! For your sake and the dogs’ sake I hope it’ll all work out just fine. Jessie doesn’t like kids either. She hates it when they chase her to pet her, the other day she even growled at a little boy. I guess it’s hard to understand for a small child when a cute little fluffy animal doesn’t want to be petted.

  • Ugh! It just seems it never ends. Well, I’m glad that the people with Cole were at least willing to put forth the effort to drive him up to you. That’s the least that they could do.

    I’ve always thought that rescue would be so much more simple if you could just eliminate having to deal with people. LOL Unfortunately, sometimes even the people who try to help, do more to complicate matters than they help. I hope you get the Cooper situation settled soon, (for his sake and yours!)

  • Wow, sounds like you have a busy household there!

    It’s my first time visiting but I will be back to read more soon. I think it’s a great thing that you are doing.

  • Kim and Dan

    I am sorry Cassie’s situation didn’t work out, but I think she is better off with you.

    Cole sounds like a handsome fellow, like our Jerry Lee.

    I don’t know if you have heard about the recent puppy mill seizure in Mt. Vernon, Washington. Mt Vernon in on I-5, between Seattle and Bellingham, and about 220 miles north of us. I only read about the seizure in the Seattle Times. The rescue organization from which we adopted Jerry is helping with the rescue of the dogs seized. Good people, rescuers.

    You will get through this, and the dogs that you rescue will all be better off because of you, much better off.

  • I’m glad you got Cole from Richfield! I think that made everything much easier. I wonder if I chased my dogs… LOL but then again they’d know I was just playing!

  • I completely understand the frustration with adopters changing thier minds and returning a dog. We recently adopted a dog out and just a couple of weeks later they left the gate opened and were surprised when Levi got startled by the lawnmower and took off. Gee, do ya think? The poor terrified little guy spent 2 weeks on the run before we were able to live trap him and bring him back into our rescue group’s fold. Argh!

  • “Unfortunately, sometimes even the people who try to help, do more to complicate matters than they help”
    eek I wan to help I but don’t let me do this.
    when are we gonna bathe dogs? :)

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