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Making (some) Progress on the Warehouse

This past weekend, Amanda (our petsitter, who’s been helping out while Barbara’s recovering) and I spent most of a day down in the basement working on the warehouse. It was a disaster — we could hardly get to anything and couldn’t find anything unless it was in the tubs on the new shelves. Poor Barbara was hardly able to get to her shipping supplies to ship out orders! It’s been on my To Do list for months to get down there and try to make some sense out of it. So, thanks to Amanda, we have made some noticeable headway.

We threw away a large bag of trash, which helped only a tiny bit :) But we moved all of the Sheltie Rescue of Utah “capital equipment” (stuff we use when we have a booth at a local dog show or some similar event) into one side of the warehouse, all of the ASSA National rescue table stuff into another section, all of the “raw material to be made into SRU products to sell” to another corner, and all of the “shipping supplies and equipment” to yet another location. Now there’s room to walk around and some hope of finding what one might need.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re done! Far from it! The basement bedroom has a very large collection of bins containing uninventoried goods to be sold, probably several thousand dollars worth :( The “family room” part of the basement has several piles of stuff yet to be examined and sorted. There’s a table on the warehouse side of the basement that’s two feet deep in stuff that has to be gone through and organized. And there’s a couple of hundred pounds of fleece behind one of the couches that was bought to use in making Maries Twist™ toys (several years’ supply!) that blocks access to a whole section of bookshelves. I figure there’s a minimum of eight to ten full days of work left to do before all of the rest of this stuff has been properly handled.

But progress is progress, and I ain’t complain’!

On this day..

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4 comments to Making (some) Progress on the Warehouse

  • Ackkk! More fleece, that I don’t have??!! LOL Sorry for being a slacker, and adding to the storage confusion! :-)

    Do we need more toys braided up? I’m all out of the Ex Lg. (Jumbo) balls and the Lg. too. I still have plenty of the regular tennis balls and the really tiny ones. I could make up some of the medium and small sized toys, but I need bigger balls (no pun intended), to make the larger sized toys. Seems like those were the ones that sold best.

  • Marie, we haven’t sold any toys in some time. As you probably know, Dave is our largest buyer (and he buys wholesale); and he hasn’t bought any in a while. For reasons I don’t understand, we’re not selling many at all on the web store. ANYBODY WITH IDEAS is invited to make suggestions about how we can get sales of Marie’s Twist tug toys to sell better!

    I’ll talk to Barbara about replenishing the balls :)

  • Cleaning is so much work.. so is organizing. I don’t like to do either one of them! I’m glad things are getting more organized!

  • amen to what cynthia said. as far as the toys go, I have no clue… my dogs arn’t huge toy guys, they mostly like good chewies. but I would love to sit at a booth for you some time!!!

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