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…and then the lab blew up…

Experiments. Sometimes they work. Sometimes the lab explodes in a ball of fire.


After whining about how stale this blog has begun to look (to me, that is), I’ve decided that it’s time to put up or shut up.

Starting this weekend, I’m going to start playing around with other templates in hopes of finding something that (a) looks good to me, (b) doesn’t annoy you, and (c) doesn’t require me to completely rewrite everything that I already rewrote for the current template.

That rewriting was caused by my choice of template when I started…it was a non-standard template, which I didn’t realize until I was heavily invested, and I ended up largely redesigning it anyway. That’s the problem called “sunk costs”, otherwise known as “throwing good money after bad”. Sometimes, it’s cheaper in the long run to toss everything out and start over. So this time, I’ll upgrade the software to WordPress 2.7 (the latest version as of today) and then start trying out some templates.

Please be patient with me while I’m experimenting…the laboratory just might blow up once in a while. But it won’t be long before we’re stable again (well, until the blog is stable again…that ship has sailed where I’m concerned). And them maybe I won’t whine about it for another year or so :)

On this day..

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