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Half Done

Well, as you can see, the appearance of our blog has changed. I’ve just finished upgrading to WordPress 2.7, which was astoundingly easy, and then I applied a new template that I found. This template (named Atahualpa, in case you’re curious) is claimed to be incredibly customizable directly from the administrator screens (instead of having to go rewrite a lot of code). We’ll see…

But, for tonight, I’m done. I’m starved (and I’m sure that Barbara is, too) and I’m going to knock off for the evening and go help cook dinner. Tomorrow, I’ll start that customizing…including putting our own images back up, make room for advertisements (gotta try to raise money somehow), and fix up the colors like we like ‘em.

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6 comments to Half Done

  • It’s looking good so far. Nice and clean.

  • I love the change — looks so much more organic to me! Maybe could use a bit more color. The side bars/boxes probably need to be highlighted in some way so they don’t disappear. I guess bloggers have to become graphics artists!!! – Barbara

  • cheri_berri

    It definitely looks different–not that that’s bad, just need to get used to it. I’d like to suggest that you see if you can again let the comments appear directly under the original post. That was something that recently started in the “old” blog that I really liked. It reduces the number of clicks a reader has to make. Instead of clicking on “see comments” or “2 woofs” as this post has, and then clicking the back button to get to the list of your original posts to read the NEXT one, the method you had recently implemented made it much easier to scroll through your posts and all comments. Am I repeating myself? Probably! Anyway, I like the LOOK of the new blog.

    Cheryl (former Utahn now in Virginia)

  • Cheryl, thanks very much for your comments! I really (REALLY) want feedback from the readers, ’cause I get blinded by the amount of time I spend staring at it and working on it. I really wondered whether it was a Good Thing or a Bad Thing (or indifferent) to have the comments all appearing in-line with the posts. I personally liked it, but I worry that it might feel too cluttered for other people.

    Hmmm…I wonder if there’s some way that I could add a button on the page that would allow readers to choose for themselves? I’ll have to think about that.

    I also have a tendency to go a little nuts about “cool things” that I can put in the sidebars, so I need for the readers to give me feedback about all of that stuff, too. Three dog blogger said in the first comment that the look is “nice and clean” — have I lost that? Barbara suggested that perhaps the blog could “use a bit more color”. What do others think? Where would color be helpful, either for aesthetics or for making the blog easier to read?

  • I think that the new layout looks brighter, but I think that I personally miss a bit of the color. I think my vote is with Barbara on this one.

  • WebMaster

    I don’t know about you guys, but every time I see the title of this post (Half Done) I read it as “Half Dome” (you know, the famous formation in Yosemite National Park in California). Having been a rock climber for a number of years, the name always meant a lot to me.

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