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Meet Shasta, Tiny Puppy Tessa and Big Puppy Shadow with Tommy and Abby

Although Shasta has lived with us for a few months now she hasn’t been introduced either on Petfinder or on this blog yet.  But here she is…debuting today in this video.  Also in this video are two of the three puppies who’ve come to us recently.  The third, Meggie, has already been adopted.  Still available, and already spayed, vaccinated, etc. are the smallest puppy in the litter, Tessa, and the biggest girl in the litter, Shadow.  They came from a family that has been breeding Shelties for some time although they’re not affililiated with any Sheltie clubs.  About a year and a half ago the wife in the household developed an aneurism which has caused her a great deal of disability.  We were told that this litter was a mistake and the puppies were just more than they could handle.  Also in this video you can see our blind and deaf boy Tommy trying his best to interest Shadow or Tessa or Abby in playing with him.  It’s interesting to watch him work at it a little bit.  Abby, who we’ve adopted, is in this video.  She frequently plays with Tommy but this particular morning she was more interested in playing with Shadow and Tessa.  Enjoy!

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7 comments to Meet Shasta, Tiny Puppy Tessa and Big Puppy Shadow with Tommy and Abby

  • I love to see video of the dogs. Shows you so much more of their personality than just a still picture. Although you know I’m a huge fan of still pictures too! :-) Shasta seems like a real sweetheart, and it was so nice to see Shadow playing too!

  • Kim and Dan

    Love the video of Tommy and the puppies.

    I don’t know if this is the proper place to ask questions about the dogs on SRU’s website or not. Please let me know if I am breaking the rules or if you would prefer questions be asked elsewhere, but I noticed that Shelby and Kalvin have both dropped from the available dogs listing. Does this mean that Shelby’s adoption is going ahead, and perhaps Kalvin was adopted too? I have a special place in my heart for all of the senior shelties on your website, and would adopt one in a heartbeat if I could. So I am really keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the disappearance of these two seniors from your listing means only good things for them! Also, is Chewy (I’m sure I misspelled his name) doing well? I would like to know how the old fellow is, if possible. Thank you, and please keep the dog videos coming, it’s always nice to see them.

  • Kim and Dan,
    I’m sorry that this comment isn’t going to be emailed to you. The plugin that does that has suddenly started failing. Every time I click on that little envelope by your names, I get taken to the comment box for the first post on the page.

    Anyway, you should feel absolutely free to ask questions about the dogs here. “The rules”, such as they are, are that posts and comments should be related to the subject of the blog (Shelties and Sheltie Rescue), and that blatantly commercial posts/comments will be deleted without ceremony.

    Now, in answer to your questions: Shelby (with a “y”) has been very successfully adopted; she should have been dropped from the list of available dogs weeks ago, but we are ‘way behind on administrative work. Kalvin has not been formally adopted, but his foster family would be unwilling to give him up; we could force them to adopt him, but that wouldn’t be very nice (particularly since they’ve adopted other dogs from us).

    Chuy (or Chewy, or Chewie…we don’t really know) is doing quite well, even though we have confirmed that he is beginning to enter kidney failure. He remains the happiest guy you can imagine — at 15 or so, with two mangled feet, and who knows what else — but he has started to get very self-protective and barks to keep the other dogs away from his space. I will be (very happily) surprised if he makes it to summer :(

    Thank Barbara for the videos. She loves to take them and she’s pretty good about posting them. I’m enthusiastic, but never seem to manage to get up from my desk long enough to do anything about it.

  • Kim and Dan

    Thank you for the update! Great news about Shelby and Kalvin.

    It’s good to hear that Chewy is still the happiest guy going, though the rest of the news is bittersweet. Please tell him his girl and fellow rescue-ee, Misty, is well and happy in Vancouver (we think she’s happy, she’s always smiling anyway -hmmm, I wonder if it’s hereditary?!). I think of him often, warmly.

  • You are doing such a wonderful thing. I am really enjoying your videos. What beautiful dogs.

  • Shasta is a very pretty girl, I love her face! And those puppies are darling. :)

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    Aww they are so cute! Thanks for posting that video of them and sharing with all of us.

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