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Meet Puppy Tessa!

This video focuses just on our new little rescued Sheltie girl, 16 week old Tessa.  She’s probably going to be a very small-sized Sheltie given how much smaller she is than her sister Shadow and even Meggie, her already adopted sister.  Tessa has, kind of unexpectedly, made friends with one of our puppy mill Shelties here named Jett.  Jett arrived here with her mother, Sienna.  Jett is probably around 7 years of age and has always run for the safety of her crate whenever something new is happening.  We watched Tessa puppy bowing at Jett for awhile and apparently Tessa’s efforts to lure Jett out to play have worked.  I hope to have some of that video up in another day or so.  – Barbara

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