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Change in This Blog’s Registration Policy

Sigh…I am getting huge quantities of registration spam, in which fake users are registering on the blog so they can post spam. I’ve been kept pretty busy deleting all of that spam, and I discovered recently that there were literally hundreds of fake users registered. I think I’ve deleted all of the fake users, but I might have accidentally deleted a real user or two, for which I apologize.

To put an end to (or at least reduce) this registration spam, I’ve been forced to implement a test that registrants have to pass. Everybody who attempts to register will either have to solve a simple math test (adding two numbers, subtracting one number from another, or multiplying two numbers) or read the characters in an image; in both cases, the registrant will have to enter the answer in a box before continuing. I’m really sorry to have to do this, but (as you undoubtedly know) the spammers and criminals are winning the battle and trying to make the Internet useless.

On this day..

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