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OK, I’m officially being driven crazy by this &$(*#^ blog theme

I’m frustrated! I know you guys would prefer for me to blog about Sheltie Rescue and related subjects, and here I am obsessing about the blog. Yesterday, I was playing around with this and that on the blog, trying out some new ideas, and my system was getting sooooo sllloooowwwwwww htat I decided I’d better reboot.

When the reboot was finished, I opened a browser and went right back to this blog. And my background colors were gone! The admin screens claimed that they were still there. I did a View Source and the CSS code showed that the colors hadn’t been removed or even changed. But yet they were GONE.

So, I spent the next couple of hours changing the colors again so they looked about right. Couldn’t get them exactly like they were before, but they weren’t too bad. Whew, I says to myself, finally! And off I went to dinner and to hang with Barbara.

This morning, I arrive back at the computer and my nice soft pastel colors display about as subtle as Dolly Parton’s makeup. Bright. Harsh. Downright offensive (to my eyes). No, I didn’t re-boot. No, I didn’t even touch the bloody computer. Nada. Zilch. And yet here we are.

I do NOT know what’s going on. And I’m frustrated. If any of you have any ideas for me, I’ll be delighted to get them.

On this day..

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