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They Come and They Go

I’ve been so busy annoying you all with my tribulations with this blog, that I haven’t actually blogged recently about the purpose of this whole thing: Sheltie Rescue!

Lemme see…and please forgive me if I’ve told you some of this previously…

Cassie came back to us (I know I did tell you this). But she went to a foster home very shortly (2 days?) after returning. And we have been told by her foster mom that she wants to do the adoption as soon as she recovers from some gall bladder surgery…during which time we’ll puppy sit with Cassie.

Much, much more surprising: Dakota came back to us! For reasons we haven’t been able to understand, he became fearful at his adopted home and would refuse to go outside in the back yard unless literally dragged at the end 0f a leash! We offered to help his new family figure it all out and solve the problem, but they’d already made up their minds that it was hopeless. So, that lovely boy is back with us. We really don’t see anything at all unusual in his behavior here, so we’re clueless about what was going on. But Barbara’s already got an excellent prospect for another adoption (this weekend, no less), so fingers crossed!

We’ve also got potential adopters coming over this weekend to meet Tessa. Barbara thinks this adoption is a lead pipe cinch (full marks to anybody who can tell me the origin of that phrase). It’s apparently an elderly gentleman who knows exactly what he’s getting into and isn’t at all worried about having a very young puppy.

And just a few minutes ago, Barbara told me that we’re going to have another couple over this weekend to meet Shadow! I don’t know anything about them yet, so I can’t guess how certain it is, but she says that it’s promising.

Wouldn’t all that be nice? Especially since we have a deaf seizure boy waiting to come in (probably on Monday)…

On this day..

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7 comments to They Come and They Go

  • I was kind of hoping that it was a glitch of some sort on the listings when I saw Dakota back on the list! I just couldn’t imagine him being returned. He had such an outstanding personality that I felt any family would be just overjoyed with him. He was especially good with Layla. Please be sure to pass along her woofs to Dakota for us, and I hope the new adoption prospects all turn out to be as wonderful as they sound. :-)

  • We’re keeping our paws crossed for Dakota… second time lucky?

  • Good luck with all the adoptions! I hope everyone gets settled into their forever home.

  • Sounds like some great prospects! Bummer about Dakota. I wouldn’t want to go outside if I was dragged, either.

  • Cindy

    I can hardly beleive how often these dogs keep coming back, what do people expect instant perfection. Shelties are such sweet hearts all I can say is they don’t know what they are missing by not giving the dogs a chance.

  • Marie, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve described Dakota — without the slightest hint of irony — as the perfect dog. That might be a tiny bit over the top, but look at him: He’s young (under a year), gorgeous, healthy, strong, and has a great temperament. What’s not to love! If we weren’t so overloaded, we’d have already adopted him ourselves. He’s going to make a superb companion, agility dog, hiking buddy, or whatever. Well, it’s there loss. A much better (and more patient!) family will come along, and are they getting a great dog!!!

  • Man, you lead a busy life.

    I don’t know how you do it but you must have a lot of patience!

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