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New Boy Cole Already Adopted

Sometimes, it just works out. Let’s hope this is one of those times.

A week or so ago, we took in a young (7 month old) tri-color male named Cole. Cole was pretty shy, moreso of men than of women, but not great even with women. He spent a fair amount of his time in his crate, because he wasn’t fully house-broken and because it’s just too noisy around here when we’re trying to get things done. Which is usually.

Yesterday, a couple about our age (guess if you must!) came over for an appointment to meet several of the dogs. Among the dogs they’d expressed in an interest in were Dakota, Cassie, and Shadow. So, when they got here, we brought those guys down individually, but kept them down as we brought others down. They loved each of them for their own merits. But they were worried that Cassie wouldn’t be able to go on long hikes — the couple is moving up into the Sangre De Christo mountains of Colorado in a couple of months — because of her age. And they worried some about adopting a puppy because they don’t want to outlive their new family member (I wasn’t worried…they’re our age, remember?).

They loved Dakota and thought Shadow was just wonderful, but they wanted to adopt a dog that would otherwise have some difficulty finding an adoptive home. So Barbara suggested that I bring Cole downstairs to meet them. They were instantly taken with him. Over the next 30 or 45 minutes, they agonized back and forth: Cole — Dakota — Shadow — Cole — Dakota — Shadow… Finally, they asked if they could have some time to talk about it, so Barbara and I went upstairs to do a few other things. When we went back down to see how they were doing, they asked if they could take Cole for a walk.

We had no idea how he might do on a leash, but we said “Sure…” and off they went. When they returned about 15 minutes later, they were delighted. Cole had started off a bit reluctant, especially with the man walking behind him. But after the man pulled up even, Cole was fine.

And that was it! They adopted him on the spot. (In spite of our normal policy of not adopting on the first date, these people and Cole really just seemed perfect for one another. And the picture below should let you evaluate for yourself whether we did the Right Thing.


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5 comments to New Boy Cole Already Adopted

  • Cindy

    Let me quess, ahmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Hehe, that was a good one, Cindy! I’m glad that Cole found a home so quickly. I bet he has a wonderful time getting to hike in CO with his new people!

  • Few readers will know that Cindy and I have been friends since, ummm, about 1980! I first met her shortly after she, her husband, and her baby daughter moved to SLC after an Army(?) tour of duty in Germany. She introduced herself by walking up to me and saying “Can I please meet Merlin? I’ve been reading about him for the last couple of years!” Yes, I was flattered (on OTCh Merlin’s behalf), and the friendship has been solid ever since. Cindy’s a Sheltie person, too, but not as Sheltie-bigoted as I am, as she’s had other breeds once in a while, too.

  • Cindy

    It was 1982 and that makes it OMG 27 years.. I know I was’nt that old when I met you. It has been my pleasure over the years and way too many miles to be your friend. :O) Shelties are my love although I have tossed a couple of Border Collies into the mix and a Beagle but I always go back for a sheltie.
    Love ya

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