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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Today, before the dust had even settled from finalizing Shelbee’s adoption and getting Cole adopted, a woman to whom Barbara had been talking for several days came over with her dog Tanner.

Tanner was, she said, a purebred 4 year old Sheltie who is deaf and started having seizures last October. Having been led into accepting dogs in the past who weren’t quite purebred, Barbara asked the woman to bring Tanner over so we could evaluate him.

Well, in spite of having some unusual coloring (including a right eye that is half brown and half blue — brown over blue, in fact) and a very slightly broad head, we were convinced that he’s all Sheltie. And he is such a sweetheart. The woman who was relinquishing him to us didn’t really want to do so, but she’s a single mom who is now responsible for taking care of her elderly parents, and she is just out of resources. If Tanner hadn’t started having seizures, every thing would have been fine, but she was worried about him having a seizure when nobody was at home and possibly injuring himself.

Well, Tanner’s with us now. His seizures, happily, are well-controlled with phenobarbitol, and he is an absolute sweetheart. Sure, he’s deaf but how many of us don’t know dogs who are at least selectively deaf some of the time ;) Anyway, take a look at this handsome boy in the photo below. Tanner will be available for adoption just as soon as he’s been neutered and had a minor dental cleaning done. He will be perfect for empty-nesters, has no problems with men or women, or other dogs, or cats. (We haven’t tested him on ferrets, though.)


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6 comments to Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

  • Look at that handsome boy… he won’t stay long :) Very unusual eyes, almost like a Sibes.

  • Tanner looks lovely.

    I remember when our old boy went deaf. I took a bit of getting used to but it is not that difficult to get along with.

    Lots of hand waving and pointing. It gave him even more of an excuse to pretend the walks would never end.

  • Awww..our previous Sheltie was deaf and had seizures. She lived until a month shy of 15 and was just the sweetest thing. Actually being deaf was no problem for her or for us, she started following hand signs before we realized she was losing her hearing. Kept the barking at thunder down as well! :)

  • Tanner is very handsome! I like the white on him.. but then I like white. Unfortunately a lot is a bad health sigh in Shelties.

    It’s very sad his Mom had to give him up, I’m sure he’ll find a great forever home.

  • Well, Tanner’s not perfect. Turns out that he objects to being in a crate while we’re watching a DVD. Loudly. And he’s not exactly trustworthy house-breaking-wise — still feels the need to mark. But he was quiet during the night (out of a crate, but on a leash).

    This afternoon, we took him over to Cottonwood Animal Hospital to be neutered and to have his teeth cleaned. The surgery will be tomorrow some time and we’ll pick him up on Wednesday.

    When he’s not frustrated at being crated, he is such a sweetheart. I’m very sure that he’ll be adopted fairly quickly, deafness and seizure history notwithstanding.

  • LOL Not too many dogs are perfect! Although I think a few of mine come close. At least both of the things that you mentioned are things that can be managed and worked through with some time and patience.

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